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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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A next-generation inventory

This mod features a modern, powerful inventory menu with a good user experience. i3 provides a rich API for mod developers who want to extend it.

List of features:
  • Crafting Guide (survival mode only)
  • Progressive Mode¹
  • Quick Crafting
  • 3D Player Model Real-Time Preview
  • Isometric Map Preview
  • Inventory Sorting (+ options: compression, reverse mode, automation, etc.)
  • Item List Compression (moreblocks is supported)
  • Item Bookmarks
  • Waypoints
  • Bags
  • Home

¹ This mode is a Terraria-like system that shows recipes you can craft from items you ever had in your inventory. To enable it: i3_progressive_mode = true in minetest.conf.

This mod officially supports the following mods:

To use this mod in the best conditions:

  • Use LuaJIT
  • Use the default Freetype font style

If the inventory's font size is too big on certain setups (namely Windows 10/11 or 144 DPI display), you should lower the value of the setting display_density_factor in your minetest.conf. Note that the change is applied after restart.

You can also use the font size slider in the inventory, settings window.


i3 uses a larger inventory than the usual inventories in Minetest games. Thus, most chests will be unadapted to this inventory size. The i3 inventory is 9 slots wide by default, such as Minecraft.

Report bugs on the Bug Tracker.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Maybe a bit too many generations ahead

    This is an amazing use of the formspec API, and looks quite good, but may be a little ahead of its time, it doesn't fit very well with the rest of the quick and simple formspecs in Minetest Game & mods

    Despite that this'll probably be my goto inventory mod, it's the best I've found so far and you can get used to things not fitting right in the mod soup that is my survival world

  • awesome inventory GUI

    version 5.4.0+ needed (!!) one of the best new inventory GUI i ever have seen before, keep up the good work and more features and replacements wanted from the dev.

    it is very easy to configure the inventory with this great mod.

  • Over-engineered but pretty much awesome

    It started as a craftguide but nowadays it’s by far the most modern and complex default inventroy replacement out there.

    The mod is so feature-laden that it sometimes feels a bit too complex. Today it’s not just an inventory, it’s basically an interface to everything player-related, including the inventory.

  • I love the interface!

    Thank you jp for this mod! Amazing, I love the 3d player. But there is a glitch/bug whenever I do anything in the invetory, turn the page, get an item, etc. the 3d model's back turns to me. I have no clue why. Anwyays good mod.

  • Best and most futuristic inventory ever.

    i3 is an extremely well-designed and well-thought out inventory mod. Everything is almost perfect. However, it would be nice to have a Creative crafting guide; and there seems to be some sort of bug with the skins. When Edit Skin, for example, is enabled with i3, my reach in Creative will be about four metres, instead of ten. I still have not been able to find the exact code source of this bug, but it has been very annoying and I would love to see it fixed.

    Otherwise 100% recommended! Thank you, jp, for many hours of wonderful time in Minetest with a brilliant inventory.

  • Really solid

    It's comprehensive, perhaps too much so, but it's really good at what it does.

  • Very very good inventory mod

    • very good graphics, theme, etc
    • very good API for pages and crafting
    • very fast and bug free

    I really hope mods will add compatibility to this mod soon! I am currently waiting some mods to support it to add it to my server.

  • very good

    wow, it was really cool, great job :)

  • Great Inventory Mod

    I really like this inventory mod. It's intuitive, feature rich, and everything is accessible as soon as you open your inventory. My favorite feature is the waypoints system and the ability to visualize the area around a waypoint. It also has a very nice look to it. I also like being able to see my character when I open my inventory. My only criticism, and this is mentioned in the mod description, is the 9-slots-wide inventory as opposed to the Minetest standard 8-slots-wide inventory. When you open a chest, some items in the bottom-right of your i3 inventory grid are not accessible. To access these items, you have to move them up and to the left in your inventory. This extra column of slots also means that when you open a chest, your items shift to the right one slot on each row. If you keep your i3 inventory visually organized, prepare for that organization to break during the time when you open a chest. Overall, it's not a major inconvenience once you figure out how the items shift and which item slots are not visible from a chest view. EDIT: As noted in a reply below, the inventory view can be adjusted.

  • finally an usable inventory

    i can finally play in peace🙏🙏🙏

  • Got everything that you need...

    ... and if not I would be very suprised due to the mods it can work with

  • I can't really fault it

    It works well, and has some nice features to boot. If you are used to MTG's inventory, this could be confusing. If you like modded Minecraft, then this is basically perfect.

  • The Best inventory Mod

    Works good Looks Amazing and has meny features just Amazing

  • Инвентарь

    Немного поломанный, но рабочий инвентарь

  • The best inventory mod

    I always use this mod

  • Lots of features and details

    Most detailed inventory mod which adds any features that one could need for their inventory. With a decent mod support and exellent formspec usage, I find this as the best mod for player inventory... Keep up the great works!

  • Cool INVS

    This mod converts normal inventory to superelegant INVS (INVentory Screen. This is compatibile with few ohter mods!

  • Functional and good looking inventory

    This inventory looks very good and also contains the most important features like the crafting guide, armor slots and skinsdb support. Everything works fine, great work! An option to disable bags and the bag slot would be cool if you want to use other bag mods like inventorybags or so instead of i3's bags.

  • Futuristic

    Loved you mod due its futuristic look and functionality. I loved the bag system of your mod as it is better than unified inventory as you can keep filled up bags in your inventory. And your waypoint marking, teleporting, and viewing system is also really nice and helpful. But a request that could you actually have support for worldedit in your game and for moreblocks also.

  • This mod is super

    I like this mod, it's really cool! Thank you for it

  • Pretty awesome :)

    That inventory mod is pretty awesome.. I'm missing only one big thing. Slots for 3D Armor armors. Thanks for Your work.

  • perfect gui

    the gui of this mod is very good

  • It could be better.-

    New but far from being the best, major limitation in backpacks, horrible skin changer, no option to basic crafte with a button, no crafte all the components that can be crafte with a button, also the page changer at the top is anti-aesthetic and annoying.-

  • Way better than the default one!

    Very cool, and I also like how it looks (I mean, maybe it's a bit generic, but I guess it could be customized in something like

  • Suggestion's

    so i like this incentory its clean but it lacks the stuff that most people would want for example

    1.set home

    you can set a location to be your home


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