WARNING: If you have any version below 0.2 installed, you'll need to manually uninstall before updating.

Animalia adds a variety of useful Animals

All Animals in Animalia have uses, whether it be pleasant visual/audio ambiance, a reliable source of food, or a way to quickly traverse your world.

Phases are themes that will be focused on until that theme is fully fleshed out or another phase begins. Doing phases helps to keep focus on only a few mobs at a time, to ensure those mobs are high quality. The community can give input on which phase is next, either by joining my Patreon, or voting when I put out public polls. That said, all suggestions are welcome.

Phase 1: Livestock

Chickens are useful for food that doesn't require slaughtering. They drop Raw Poultry and Feathers when killed, but will randomly lay eggs that can be cooked and eaten, or thrown for a chance to hatch a Chick. They can be bred with seeds if you have a male and female. Males have large tail feathers, females do not.

Cows are useful for food and other resources. They drop Raw Beef and Leather when killed, and can be milked with an empty Bucket. They can be bred with Wheat if you have a male and female. Females have udders on their belly, males do not.

Pigs are useful for food. They drop Raw Porkchop when killed. They can be bred with Carrots, if you have a male and female. Males have tusks, females do not.

Sheep are useful for food and wool. They drop Raw Mutton and Wool when killed. They can be sheared with Shears, and their wool can be dyed. They can be bred with Wheat if you have a male and female. There is no visual difference between males and females, but you can check by catching them with a Animal Net.

Turkeys are useful for food. They drop Raw Poultry when killed. They can be bred with seeds if you have a male and female. Males have a large tail fan, females do not.

Phase 2: Domestication

Cats are useful for companionship and ambiance within your house. They can be tamed with Raw Fish if ethereal is enabled, or Raw Poultry otherwise. Even when tamed, they are disobediant, and must trust you to be ordered and bred. You can build trust by petting them from time to time or playing with them using a Cat Toy. They can also be annoying, running in front of your legs and destroying glass vessels. They can be bred with the same item used to tame them, given they trust you enough. There is no visual difference between males and females, but you can check by catching them with a Animal Net.

Horses are useful for transport. They can be tamed by breaking them, which is the process of riding them and keeping your line of sight lined up the Horses for up to 10 seconds straight. Once tamed they can be saddled and ridden. They have varying speed, jump height, and health stats, and can be bred to get the stats you desire using Wheat. There is no visual difference between males and females, but you can check by catching them with a Animal Net.

Wolves are useful for companionship as a hunting partner. They can be tamed with Bones if bonemeal is enabled, and Raw Mutton otherwise. When tamed they can be ordered to Sit, Wander, or Follow you. They will attack any mob you punch but will also attack Sheep, even if you own them. They can be bred with the same item used to tame them. There is no visual difference between males and females, but you can check by catching them with a Animal Net.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • It just works. ;)

    The new update is here, and the mobs look fantastic! The mob_core base shows off how advanced (and very animal specific) the behaviors can be now. Seriously, it's amazing (I love the head tilt!). It surely puts a standard for other mods to follow to grant an experience that won't bore you and will keep the player willing to interact more with their, now very much more alive, surroundings.

  • I was amazed

    The animals are very beautiful, you can see the quality of your programming, and they behave and work very properly. I love it

    Suggestions: Since you have put symbols "???" I will take the liberty of giving you ideas that occur to me, you are the developer so there you know haha, mobs in the dark and for caves, not necessarily spiders or bats or the classic, although welcome, but also serpietes, species of insects and then that they have their respective neutrality or hostility, and fish, I know that there are already others that have made fish mobs but I would like to appreciate your quality haha. Best regards.

  • My favorite animal mod

    If you want to add basic animals to your world, I recommend this mod. The animals seem less janky than those from mobs_animal, and they have more unique behaviors. In my opinion, their textures and models also look nicer. The head movements are a nice touch. However, some of the animals could use more variety in their idling sounds. Another issue I have noticed is that the animals constantly jump while standing on snow layers, but this will probably be fixed eventually.

  • high quality and smooth

    As i can see, my issue has been solved so its time to mention the good sides,

    This mod includes high quality mobs, with cool textures and animations, after the last update it also became smooth.

    good job o/

  • Early days but this is the one to watch

    Among the best models/textures for animal mobs, especially in the terrestrial mob category. Better Fauna presents a very consistent feel across the various animals available, highlighting the care by ElCeejo put into designing each creature. Being mobkit based means there is also a lot of potential for advanced behaviours and interactions between these mobs to simulate an proper ecosystem.

    Onward to the future

    As the title states, it is early days, but I am looking forward to seeing the roster of animals expand until this can serve as the de facto animal mod to populate a whole world. Preferably this would mean biome specific animals, e.g. polar bears in snowy/ice biomes, foxes or badgers in forests, etc. to encourage exploration and give each biome a distinct feel. Though other mods more or less do this already, having a menagerie of 'real world animals' in ElCeejo's style would greatly enhance any Minetest game. If eventually there could be bonus animals for specific Ethereal biomes, that would be a real clincher.

    Once the roster is more complete, or as it is developing, the second priority should be taking advantage of mobkit to make distinct behaviours and game-play experiences, establishing predator/prey dynamics and unique behaviours for mobs that affect the world. Animals like cows for example are more dangerous when cornered in real life than in Minetest, Minecraft or most similar games.

    Possible improvement to the current mod

    One minor point that could be improved would be to add a few different sounds per mob so that they can cycle through them and sound less repetitive. Maybe spacing out their calls more or making them more situation dependant would help too.

    In closing

    I am optimistic about Better Fauna's future. Though it current does not add many animals, each one is well executed.

  • Very ambitious animal mod

    It's in need of polish in a few places but considering some of the features and the consistent art style I can deal with it, although I don't think I'll have to for very long, the author is quite active

  • Best animal mod so far

    I originally used mobs_animal but it felt too basic. This mod is very good and well made. it should be included in Minetest_game

  • Good implementation, good art, immersive

    The best part of this mod is the art and models. They fit the voxel aesthetic of Minetest Game very well, much better than the Mobs Animal ones. The mobs also generally have good behaiviours, and are fun to play with. The spawning definitly needs improvement, though. On default settings, mobs are too rare, and searching the whole world just for some chickens is not fun. The net is in my opinion too overpowered, maybe should just work on smaller mobs like chickens and cats.

  • Nice basic mobs

    adds simple animal life you would expect in a basic world, while being very performant

  • Very Good

    Very good mod, and nice clean well balanced models, my only problem is that the animals over spawn massively, they just spawn in big clusters and never stop spawning

  • looks good!!

    I really like the look of these animals :) ist it already possible to breed them?

  • great!

    nice textures! nice animals! nice Licence!

  • Uh... not sure if this happens to anyone else

    when an animal spawns they are standing still they do not move unless you hit them and after you hit them they just start running in circles forever


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