For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

WARNING: If you have any version below 0.2 installed, you'll need to manually uninstall before updating.

Animalia adds over a dozen new Animals, each having it's own unique aspects.

Exploration: Animalia encourages you to explore and document your world's creatures with the Libri Animalia, a journal that can logs the Animals you've met and gives helpful information. You can even duplicate the information from one libri to an empty one by putting both the crafting area.

Farming: Animalia brings multiple livestock creatures, including Cows, Sheep, and Chickens. These mobs can all be lead around using their favorite food or the Lasso, and can also be bred if you have a male and female. Some Animals have visual differences to tell males from females, such as udders on female Cows, Tail feathers on Roosters, and Tusks on male Pigs. You can also use the Animal Net to catch Animals and check their gender, and how much they trust you (if applicable)

Companionship: Animalia also adds multiple Pets with different taming methods and uses. Wolves are simple to tame and will protect you and your livestock. Horses require you to break them and saddle them, and can traverse great distances. Cats are annoying, but cute and a fun companion to keep around your house, keep your glass vessels in a safe area and be sure to play with them regularly to build trust.

Depth: A multitude of ambient Animals add a bit of depth to your world. Chirping Bats in caves that swarm when approached. Singing Birds that sick near their nests in trees and fly in beautiful flocks. Chirping Frogs in Swamps that use their long tongues to eat bugs.

This mod will be updated in themed phases. Currently, there is the initial Livestock update, The Domestication update, and the Ambience update. Sometimes, Animals that fit into a prior role will be added outside of a major update, such as Turkeys and Reindeer.

Many future updates are planned, and I gladly take suggestions.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • It just works. ;)

    The new update is here, and the mobs look fantastic! The mob_core base shows off how advanced (and very animal specific) the behaviors can be now. Seriously, it's amazing (I love the head tilt!). It surely puts a standard for other mods to follow to grant an experience that won't bore you and will keep the player willing to interact more with their, now very much more alive, surroundings.

  • My favorite animal mod

    If you want to add basic animals to your world, I recommend this mod. The animals seem less janky than those from mobs_animal, and they have more unique behaviors. In my opinion, their textures and models also look nicer. The head movements are a nice touch.

  • I was amazed

    The animals are very beautiful, you can see the quality of your programming, and they behave and work very properly. I love it

    Suggestions: Since you have put symbols "???" I will take the liberty of giving you ideas that occur to me, you are the developer so there you know haha, mobs in the dark and for caves, not necessarily spiders or bats or the classic, although welcome, but also serpietes, species of insects and then that they have their respective neutrality or hostility, and fish, I know that there are already others that have made fish mobs but I would like to appreciate your quality haha. Best regards.

  • Nice and matching textures, but boring animals

    I really like the textures of the animals and the smooth animations/movements. They are nice and match each other pretty well. But the animals don't seem to be very active... They are mostly just standing around and turning directions and then they move mabye one block in a minute or walk in cicles. This makes the animals unforunately very boring. They definetely have to be more active and walk around more and not stay in one place all the time. Otherwise it doesn't feel very natural.

    I hope that this can be improved, because I really like the rest of the mod!

  • Early days but this is the one to watch

    Among the best models/textures for animal mobs, especially in the terrestrial mob category. Better Fauna presents a very consistent feel across the various animals available, highlighting the care by ElCeejo put into designing each creature. Being mobkit based means there is also a lot of potential for advanced behaviours and interactions between these mobs to simulate an proper ecosystem.

    **Onward to the future **

    As the title states, it is early days, but I am looking forward to seeing the roster of animals expand until this can serve as the de facto animal mod to populate a whole world. Preferably this would mean biome specific animals, e.g. polar bears in snowy/ice biomes, foxes or badgers in forests, etc. to encourage exploration and give each biome a distinct feel. Though other mods more or less do this already, having a menagerie of 'real world animals' in ElCeejo's style would greatly enhance any Minetest game. If eventually there could be bonus animals for specific Ethereal biomes, that would be a real clincher.

    Once the roster is more complete, or as it is developing, the second priority should be taking advantage of mobkit to make distinct behaviours and game-play experiences, establishing predator/prey dynamics and unique behaviours for mobs that affect the world. Animals like cows for example are more dangerous when cornered in real life than in Minetest, Minecraft or most similar games.

    **Possible improvement to the current mod **

    One minor point that could be improved would be to add a few different sounds per mob so that they can cycle through them and sound less repetitive. Maybe spacing out their calls more or making them more situation dependant would help too.

    In closing

    I am optimistic about Better Fauna's future. Though it current does not add many animals, each one is well executed.

  • Very ambitious animal mod

    It's in need of polish in a few places but considering some of the features and the consistent art style I can deal with it, although I don't think I'll have to for very long, the author is quite active

  • high quality and smooth

    As i can see, my issue has been solved so its time to mention the good sides,

    This mod includes high quality mobs, with cool textures and animations, after the last update it also became smooth.

    good job o/

  • Beautiful textures and good animations.

    These animals are brilliant! With slick animations, nice textures, actual lassos and bucking broncos, this really is the best animal mod yet. I would love to see different sorts of jungle animals here, such as snakes, tigers and such. 100% recommended! Thank you ElCeejo! I can't wait to see what's next.

  • Best animals mod currently

    This is currently the dragon up the freeway when it comes to Minetest animal mods - a well polished work of art! Kudos to ElCeejo.

    The Mobs

    The animals themselves are well polished, have more behaviorial logic than any other mod not made by ElCeejo, and are really immersive!

    The models stick to a consistent style which is asthetically pleasing and the textures go right along w/ the style to boot.

    Sure, the mobs are going to end up being a bit robotic while walking around with nothing to do, but these are some of the least robotic mobs I've seen so far. Herding/Flocking behaviours stand out, as well as aerial predation (i.e. Owl)- I think they add a genius touch.


    When you're dealing with all these behaviours, expect a bit of extra lag in return. This particular mod is pretty laggy for any public server, even with bird flocking nerfed :-)

    However, it compares nicely with other mob mods like petz or mobs_animal per mob - These mods don't have even close to the amount of features animalia has, but don't optimize their code well enough to provide a significant lag differential, whereas animalia has pretty decent optimization. The (slight bit of) extra lag is worth it!

  • A step in the right direction

    Crashes every once in a while and animals of all specieses often just run in circles. Nevertheless it is better than the Mobs Animal stuff where you can't shear the sheep and milk the cows. The animals also react and are visually affected when they take hits or die unlike in Mobs Animal. I was also able to tame a horse and put a saddle on it using it for faster travel. The models and animations are really good.

    Minetest definitly needs an real mob API written in C++, so animals and monsters can act smart without using too much resources. The way it is now they can't compete with Minecraft NPCs at all.

    They are way too dumb. They walk off of cliffs and right into lava. Somehow horses can sometimes stand on lava flooded hills and not take damage which really breaks the immersion.

    Here's the error logs:

    AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'animalia' in callback luaentity_Step(): /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/pathfinder.lua:273: table index is nil
    stack traceback:
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/pathfinder.lua:273: in function 'find_lvm_path'
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/methods.lua:536: in function 'move_to'
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/animalia/api/behaviors.lua:380: in function 'action'
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:1248: in function '_execute_utilities'
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:937: in function </home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:902>
    AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'animalia' in callback luaentity_Step(): /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:1148: attempt to index field '_util_cooldown' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:1148: in function '_execute_utilities'
        /home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:937: in function </home/username/.minetest/mods/creatura/mob_meta.lua:902>
  • Best animal mod ever

    The animals are great. This mod is like a minecraft mod. Their animations are smooth, their models and textures are well made. I'm really looking forward to this mods future and I can just recommend it.

  • I really like it

    This mod is just amazing and far better than minecraft animals. These animals have much better models and varied sizes of sheep and cows and babies with smaller heads and bigger bodies make it amzing. Only the aspect of the wolf to attack sheep even after it is tamed is kind of annoying and then we need to barricade the sheep, but there is also another bug that the horse always kicks me out even when it is tamed and I cannot ride it.

  • Intresting animals

    Very much cool animals.

  • Good

    Looks good, GOOD!

  • arrow appear enlarged when hit a mob

    if the mob is hit by an arrow, the arrow will appear enlarged when the mob doesn't die at that time

  • Adds life to the world.

    It does what it is supposed to. I enjoy encountering animals every now and then. I add this to every world I make.

  • Simply beautiful

    This is literally one of the best mods for Minetest in my book, by far the best mob system available! It got everything right: The attention to detail is formidable, I spent over an hour playing with this to see how everything works together... the birds and how they fly together is just beautiful and extraordinary, couldn't believe I'm seeing that in Minetest.

    One thing I greatly appreciate is that you haven't used any models that break the style: Most mob models make exceptions for curved / deformed boxes and / or using textures at various resolutions which is immediately noticeable when you look close... not here where everything is a cube / rectangle and pixel density is consistent with 16x texturing by default!

  • Lots of animals

    I really like all those animals wandering so freely 😚️. Sometimes they die with no apparent reason though 😱️👻️, either when I return where they were and I find meat or organic objects or even when I'm close to them (I noticed it once so far, I heard them die) 😢️. Sometimes I see them fall from high places and get hurt or fall on water, they should avoid going on such places, but I understand that may be hard to set them to avoid those places 😁️. I see that chickens feet glitch when they stand still on a place, looks like they go under terrain texture. Then their eggs have a good chance to not spawn a chick when thrown 🥚️ 👋️🧐️. Also, check whales movements as they often park themselves on shores 🏖️🐋️🏖️, looks like you set their movements to the opposite so they go upward rather than downward most of the time, this would explain 90% of whales parked on shores.

  • Really nice

    The animals are very well made i love them!! I have a animal suggestion: a rabbit that lives in grassland and runs away from player like foxes and predators are fox (and maybe wolf) and they eat wheat or carrots.

  • Amazing animations

    This mod is essential, I feel less alone when I play solo :'(
    The animals are very realistic whether the noises, the textures or even the animations (which I find really very realistic with the trips).
    Wow very good work, keep going .

  • Super cute

    The models and textures are just lovely. The animals are incredibly pretty and super cute. There's a good variety of them, so they will definitely spice up your game.

    They are, however, mostly ambient and don't really do all that much. Most of the time they just walk in small circles until they get stuck somewhere. It'd be great if they'd travel around a bit more so that the animals travel around rather than just stay in one area.

  • One of the best mod, but

    if you set owl near (or on )some tree where it can live in real life for a long time - in game - we got it disappeared and flew away forever :// So not working as fauna atmospheric addition to revive the landscape.

  • Best Mobs Mod

    These are very high quality. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any mobs this high quality before in Minetest. I highly recommend this.

  • One of the finest Mob mod

    This mod really deserves a good amount of appreciation, as its features are next level good Models, sounds, Textures, Other game compatibility, mob equipment and many more things that makes this mod very special and gives the user an amazing experience,thank you for providing such a great mod to us

  • Very good mod for new mobs

    Very good mod for new mobs, A lot of animals, I hope that the mod will not be abandoned

  • Overall great mod

    While i've yet to explore everything this mod has. Seems to be well put together and creates a great athmoshpere and liveliness, even if some parts needs polish. Biggest annoyance are birds and their towers of nests, and how they seem to stop at nothing to put their nests in one location.

    Still a great addition to the game, and a mod i will likely continue playing with.

  • Fantastic Animals Mod, But One Issue

    I really like this animal mod. The models look great and the AI is pretty good. However, I do have one issue. For some reason the chickens are not laying eggs. I have two hens and a rooster in my house and after a very long time, no eggs have been laid. What am I missing? Furthermore, I searched through the chicken.lua file, and I can't find any code for the chickens to lay eggs. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like my chickens to lay eggs. Haha.

    Anyway, great mod, and I highly recommend it.

  • Good implementation, good art, immersive

    The best part of this mod is the art and models. They fit the voxel aesthetic of Minetest Game very well, much better than the Mobs Animal ones. The mobs also generally have good behaiviours, and are fun to play with. The spawning definitly needs improvement, though. On default settings, mobs are too rare, and searching the whole world just for some chickens is not fun. The net is in my opinion too overpowered, maybe should just work on smaller mobs like chickens and cats.

  • Nice basic mobs

    adds simple animal life you would expect in a basic world, while being very performant

  • Very Good

    Very good mod, and nice clean well balanced models, my only problem is that the animals over spawn massively, they just spawn in big clusters and never stop spawning

  • looks good!!

    I really like the look of these animals :) ist it already possible to breed them?

  • Muy bonito

    La recreacion es genial, los modelos y texturas son muy bonitos

  • I recomend for (mineclone 2)

    only issue I have and I think there may be a fix but I get this error whenever I hit an animal in this mod: AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod '??' in callback luaentity_Punch(): ...\bin..\games\mineclone2\mods\HUD\mcl_inventory\init.lua:201: bad argument #1 to 'get_player_by_name' (string expected, got userdata) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'get_player_by_name' ...\bin..\games\mineclone2\mods\HUD\mcl_inventory\init.lua:201: in function 'is_creative_enabled' ...neTest\minetest-5.6.1-win64\bin..\mods\creatura/api.lua:448: in function 'basic_punch_func'\minetest-5.6.1-win64\bin..\mods\animalia/api/api.lua:569: in function <\minetest-5.6.1-win64\bin..\mods\animalia/api/api.lua:568>

  • God damn good group behaviors for birds

    Group behavior

    Awesome birds synchronized flights last time I checked.

    Cpu usage

    • mobs redo is really more lightweight globally, but when considering number of spawned entities, just a bit.
    • petz is a bit heavier, but considering number of spawned entities really drastically less cpu usage.


    when taking damage they way mobs escape is quite weird.

  • Best animal mod so far

    I originally used mobs_animal but it felt too basic. This mod is very good and well made. it should be included in Minetest_game

  • Uh... not sure if this happens to anyone else

    when an animal spawns they are standing still they do not move unless you hit them and after you hit them they just start running in circles forever


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