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For Minetest 5.5 and above

How do I install this?

This Minetest mod adds leads which can be used for moving animals or for tethering animals to fence posts.

Leads can also be attached between two fence posts for decoration.

Consider installing Object UUIDs to prevent leads from disconnecting from mobs when unloaded.


Right-click on an animal with a lead to attach it. When you're finished, punch the lead to release the animal.

You can tether a leashed animal by right-clicking a fence post. Punch the knot to take the lead back, or shift-punch to break it.

By default, leads can be used on animals, monsters, NPCs, players, and boats. You can customise this in the settings.


This mod supports Mobs Redo, Creatura, MineClone2, Mineclonia, Repixture, and Exile. Other games and mob frameworks may also work.

Minetest 5.5.0+ server required, Minetest 5.7.0+ client recommended. If you want to support older clients, disable ‘Long selection box’ in the settings.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Simply great

    This mod allows a lot of new decoration things and looks very cool. It is easy to use, however, the selectionbox is annoyingly big in 5.6.1. (I know this mod is built for the upcoming version, tho.)

    A small thing that annoys me is the giant smoke puff in Minetest Game when a lead "dies". Another small thing is the chat message. I would remove it because it quickly fills the entire chat if you misclick.

    The only thing I’m missing is some subtle sound effect for attaching/detaching/etc.

    I don’t know what else to suggest, so, good work!

  • Works well

    Nice job!

    I wish something like this were in MineClone2.

  • So cool :)

    I was searching for this mod, cool and helpful mod, nice job! =)

  • Great mod! :-) Unfortunately causes frequent crashes with my game. :-(

    Your leads mod is a great addition to Minetest! Thank you! 😀 Unfortunately I have a problem which seems to be associated with your mod. Mintest 5.8.1 in a Mineclonia game (Windows 10 64bit) frequently crashes with:

    AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'mcl_core' in callback luaentity_Step(): "Runtime error from mod 'mcl_core' in callback item_OnPlace(): ...oads\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin\..\mods\leads/internal.lua:40: attempt to index local 'placer' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
        ...oads\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin\..\mods\leads/internal.lua:40: in function <...oads\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin\..\mods\leads/internal.lua:38>
        [C]: in function 'place_node'
        ...n\..\games\mineclonia\mods\ENTITIES\mobs_mc/enderman.lua:537: in function 'do_custom'
        ...4\bin\..\games\mineclonia\mods\ENTITIES\mcl_mobs/api.lua:415: in function 'on_step_old'
        ...mes\mineclonia\mods\ENVIRONMENT\mcl_void_damage\init.lua:17: in function <...mes\mineclonia\mods\ENVIRONMENT\mcl_void_damage\init.lua:16>"
    stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'place_node'
        ...n\..\games\mineclonia\mods\ENTITIES\mobs_mc/enderman.lua:537: in function 'do_custom'
        ...4\bin\..\games\mineclonia\mods\ENTITIES\mcl_mobs/api.lua:415: in function 'on_step_old'
        ...mes\mineclonia\mods\ENVIRONMENT\mcl_void_damage\init.lua:17: in function <...mes\mineclonia\mods\ENVIRONMENT\mcl_void_damage\init.lua:16>
  • Create rope structures and tether animals to players and fences!

    The Leads mod allows players to create interesting rope structures: Using the lead on two different fence nodes creates a rope connection between them. To use the Leads mod with mobs you need a mod that adds mobs, like Animalia. Right click a mob with the lead to tether it to yourself and then right click a fence node to tether the mob to a fence. In both cases, you can click an existing lead to destroy it.

    A mob tethered using a lead is slowly drawn towards the object it is tethered to, if it does not move against that direction fast enough. Additionally, leads seem to have a maximum length and can break if overextended. In gameplay terms this means that players can only tether slow animals permanently: While Animalia cows and sheep and even frogs are easy to tether permanently, owls eventually break free (e.g. when hunting) and foxes run away fast enough to break the lead almost immediately. Gameplay and lore match here in my opinion; obviously it is easier to tether slow-moving (domesticated) than fast-moving (predatory) animals.


    • The lead looks bad when connecting to rail-type fences. This seems like the only major flaw.
    • It does not work to click the fence first and then click the mob, only the other way around.
    • As long as a player is holding a lead, they can not destroy an existing tethered connection.
    • You can not tether mobs to other mobs. Then again, would that really be a useful feature?
  • Lots of play-value

    This works beautifully and adds a ton of play-value. Works great with petz, too.

  • Nice for building

    The leads look great as detail for bridges ant towers. Finally I can have diagonal supports on my builds

  • It's just a holiday beginning

    The most anticipated mod, but still has flaws. No slack, comes off, does not allow to lead a tethered object.

  • Very helpful mod

    I can now decorate my bridge with lead and also can you use it in mineclone 2 and 5?