Object UUIDs

Assigns a persistent UUID to every object.

Work in Progress API / Library

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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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Object UUIDs

This mod assigns a persistent UUID to every player and entity in the game. Other mods can get an object's UUID or find an object by its UUID using the public API.

UUIDs are persistent between game sessions, and player UUIDs are also persistent between worlds and servers.

This mod can be safely uninstalled. Entities will lose their UUIDs, but not their data.

API Summary

  • objectuuids.get_uuid(object) - Returns the UUID assigned to the specified object.
  • objectuuids.get_object_by_uuid(uuid) - Returns the object with the specified UUID.
  • objectuuids.set_uuid(object, uuid) - Overrides the specified object's UUID.
  • objectuuids.add_entity_with_uuid(pos, name, uuid, [staticdata]) - Spawns a new entity with the specified UUID.

See doc/index.html for full API documentation.



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  • Needs Link to Version Control

    How can i see how it evolves over time or report issues? without a link to version control. Please add a link to version control for this mod and i will make it a thumbs up.


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