Helpful and unique witches inhabit the land adding a magical touch and interact with player! Work in progress, but playable!

Work in Progress Mobs / Animals / NPCs

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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[witches] Witches (Mobs Redo addon) [mod] for Minetest

Witches is copyright 2022 Francisco Athens, Ramona Athens, Damon Athens and Simone Athens The MIT License (MIT)

Witches inhabit the land! They are currently in development but, can already:

  • Spawn near wood above ground and in their cottages.

  • Witches have magic! They will defend themselves and each other against aggressive players and mobs!

  • If you are repeatedly helpful to a witch something good is likely to happen!

  • New Witch cottage code with no additional mod requirements!

  • If protector (or similar) mod is available and enabled, Witches will not build in these areas!

  • Chance of cottage to spawn over a dungeon if it is generated near the surface.

  • Have a name and origin location which they will tell player.

  • Randomly choose hair color and style

  • Randomly choose hat style and hat ornaments

  • mod_storage (found in the worlds/worldname folder) is now used to seperate customizable content from code updates!

  • Witches quest requested items and rewards are now fully customizable in generated mod_storage database!

  • Witches cottage funiture can be changed or added via generated mod_storage database!

  • Basic interactivity: will follow player for holding certain items. one of those items they will request with randomly chosen text, if player right clicks if player is holding that requested item and right click witch player will receive a reward! the reward is a personalized tool with increased stats!

Required Mods:

Optional Mods:

  • protector (or similar) - to prevent Witches from placing cottages or spawning in protected areas!

  • Any mobs from any mobs mod attacking Witches may be turned into a sheep!

  • Fireflies, vessels, and doors from Minetest Game for certain effects and rewards

Licenses of Source Media Files:

Thanks to TenPlus1 for keeping the Mobs_Redo going! Thanks to rubenwardy for awesome help and the Minetest ContentDB Thanks to everyone in the Minetest forums and IRC for just being great! Thanks to ctate for naming the witches first spell "Yeet"! Thanks to kristovish for testing and providing crash reports from their live populated server!

GET MINETEST: https://www.minetest.net/



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Oh! Noes, I'm a sheep!

    Love how the witches are all randomly dressed, definitely adds character to the mod and a touch of questing in giving them items :) I'm off to find a witch hut and see what food she has :p

  • Highly recommended

    This is the best npc mob mod I tried so far. The witches look very good and have unique fighting abilities. They can spawn in towns generated by other mods. The miniquests are welcome, I find the items involved a bit boring, but it can easily be adapted to your needs by tweaking with the code.

  • Good looking, interesting NPCs

    Witches is a great mod if you feel lonely while playing on singleplayer mode. Their hats are awesome, and the little bits of lore/ miniquests are very welcome.