Helpful and unique witches inhabit the land adding a magical touch and interact with player! Work in progress, but playable!

Mobs, animals, and NPCs

[witches] Witches (Mobs Redo addon) [mod] for Minetest

Witches is copyright 2020 Francisco Athens, Ramona Athens, Damon Athens and Simone Athens The MIT License (MIT)

Witches inhabit the land! They are currently in development but, can already:

Required Mods:

Optional Mods:

Licenses of Source Media Files:

Thanks to TenPlus1 for keeping the Mobs_Redo going! Thanks to rubenwardy for awesome help and the Minetest ContentDB Thanks to everyone in the Minetest forums and IRC for just being great! Thanks to ctate for naming the witches first spell "Yeet"!

GET MINETEST: https://www.minetest.net/

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