For Minetest 5.4 and above

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  • Hunger runs out too quick

    Great mod, works fine, no noticable performance issues. But the hunger runs out a bit too fast when sprinting and attacking entities. When in combat with another player hunger goes down fast.

  • Excellent hunger mod

    This mod is a great implementation of player hunger. One of its best qualities is that it Just Works™ right out of the box without requiring individual mods to support it. It handles all functions related to eating food without any extra setup or configuration required. It even adds some small particle and sound effects for a quality look and feel.

    Its gameplay features are fairly standard and familiar to players who are familiar with hunger in Minecraft. Eating food keeps your hunger bar filled which allows you to sprint and heal over time. Allowing your hunger bar to deplete will result in losing health due to starvation. Poisonous foods (e.g., red mushrooms) will drain your health over time instead of causing immediate harm.

    The default exhaustion values for each player action are a little steep, but they're all highly configurable via settings. The mod also includes settings for all kinds of other thresholds so that players can customize every aspect of how hunger affects them.

    I definitely recommend this mod to any player looking to add hunger to their game.

  • My go-to sprint + hunger mod

    My go-to sprint + hunger mod

  • The mod itself is cool, but...

    I would recommend making icons (health, hunger and bubble) of the background. (bg_icons) For example: half of the lost heart is red, and the other half is black. And one half of bread, other half of it is black

  • at least stable

    What can I say... Thank you. No problems while playing.

  • Dommage no more stamina

    I'd like have more stamina when you run, or even infinite stamina. Else, nice mod.


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