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The Edible Stuff API

A unified API to:

  • Mark any item (including tools and armor) as edible
  • Get and set hunger

Edible armor gets "eaten" automatically when hunger goes down.

When an edible_while_wearing armor peice is equipped, the player will eat some of that armor if their saturation (or health in absence of a hunger mod) is below 85%. This reduces the durability of a random armor piece.

This mod was created for the chocolatestuff mod, and so you can make your own armors like it - without needing to depend on farming.

This mod only provides the api to register a tool as edible.


Nothing! But it has optional integration with:

  • stamina
    • the minetest-mods fork
    • the TenPlus1 fork
    • the sofar fork
  • hbhunger
  • hunger_ng
  • 3d_armor
    • If absent the armor apis do nothing.
  • shields
  • mcl_hunger


See the API section in the README of source control.


See the TODO section in the README of source control.

Copyright 2021-2 Lazerbeak12345


  • The YourLand players for a bunch of questionable ideas for this questionable mod. Original idea was from "Bla."
  • The creator of the obsidianstuff redo mod. This takes inspiration from that repo (no code or assets).
  • The creator the edible swords mod. I took inspiration from this repo as well (no code or assets).


GPL-3 or later



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