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The Chocolate Stuff Mod


Adds edible chocolate armor and tools. Pairs well with the edible swords mod.

When equipped, the player will eat some of their chocolate armor if their saturation (or health in absence of a hunger mod) is below 85%. This reduces the durability of a random armor piece.



  • [ ] Upstream better toolranks integration.
  • [x] PR made pr here
  • [ ] PR accepted
  • [ ] Upstream better pick_axe_tweaks integration.
  • [x] PR made pr here
  • [ ] PR accepted
  • [ ] Upstream better handholds_redo integration.
  • [x] PR made pr_here
  • [ ] PR accepted
  • [ ] Upstream complete custom textures in instant_ores
  • [ ] Upstream better item metadata to be found with other armor and tools.
  • [ ] better sounds
  • [ ] better textures
  • [ ] Settings?

Copyright 2021-2 Lazerbeak12345


  • The YourLand players for a bunch of questionable ideas for this questionable mod. Original idea was from "Bla."
  • The creator of the obsidianstuff redo mod. This takes inspiration from that repo.
  • The creator of the edible swords mod. I took inspiration from this repo as well.


Due to the dependancy on instant_ores, this mod must be gpl 3 or later compatible. Thus, this mod is under GPL 3.0 or later.



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