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Farming Redo is a simplified version of the built-in farming mod in minetest and comes with many new crops which spawn throughout the map. New foods need only be planted on tilled soil so no seeds are required, original wheat and cotton will require seeds which are found inside normal and jungle grass. Crops can even grow while the player isn't around or if you want fast food the Bonemeal mod can help speed things up for your favourite dishes.



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  • conflicting design

    looking at this mod, a lot of the graphic assets do not seem to match each other, and in some cases even conflict with each other. however that said, this mod does aim to at least make mtg farming somewhat better as it has its own faults

  • Asset soup at its worst.

    One of the most confusing things about this community is the overwhelming usage of this mod. It's a prime example of the worst and yet most common trope of Minetest modding, bloat. It seems every mod has to be full to the brim with useless and low quality content, and while this does have unique features amongst farming mods, like pots and pans, or the terellis and bean poles that add an extra element to farming and cooking, it seems that in this pursuit of having a bunch of different foods and equipment hasn't left much time for making those foods worth the effort besides filling up a bar slightly more than something else, and that isn't even the worst part of this mod. The art is awful. From very familiar assets to the clashing of 32x and 16x textures, this mods art looks like something out of a 3rd grade arts and crafts class. This mod would greatly benefit from a pause on new content and a overhaul of all art assets, preferably assets that aren't stolen and modified.

  • Very good mod. Almost spoiled for choice.

    Adds just SO MANY kinds of crops to the game. It's a lot of fun to create large farms of such diverse crops. It adds a lot of depth to the game! As someone who really enjoyed the farming aspect of another block game, this is a very welcome addition.

    Some of them are very pretty! Onions, garlic, and tomatoes are prettier flowers than the flowers are!

    That being said, there are A LOT of crops, and A LOT of recipes for foods that can be created with the crops. At times it can seem overwhelming, especially if you just wanted to add a little depth to the stock farming.

    It seems that most crops spawn in most biomes, so it's not hard to get the full set. No long voyages of exploration to bring back a novel crop to farm.

  • Great variety of food and plants

    I love the variety of food and plants this mod offers. Even though you'll never need so many different foods, it's great to have them. It makes farming much more interesting and I'm sure everybody will find a food that suits their taste. So thanks for the great work!

  • Conflicting feelings

    I'd give this a neutral rating if I could.

    On the bright side, this mods adds a lot of functionality by expanding the amount of different crops drastically. It makes farming a lot more interesting that way.

    On the other side, it also does a lot of stuff I don't really want it to do. For example, it removes all of the different soil types from the normal farming mod and replaces them with just one. It also handles growth states differently and has different API functionality despite using the exact same name as the original farming mod. That's a compatibility nightmare because now I never know whether a mod expects the original mod or the redo or is okay with either one.

    Basically, my recommendation is to try it out and see for yourself whether you like it or not.

  • a simple farming mod

    this mod is good enough to have good interesting gameplay (even if only for 2 hours at max of making full farm ) but is not too bloated in order to not distract players from theyr primary goals with how to prepare food

  • Pretty good

    Your mod is pretty good and I liked it as you added more than 15 different crops in minetest which are not even in minecraft and this mod attracted me to play minetest but I just had one request to make the melon and pumpkings grow from saplings bearing a fruit like they do in minecraft not like the saplings turn into melons and pumpkins. And please add muskmelons and mangoes.

  • Best Farming/Food mod

    Adds too many crops and food types, i recommend this for every survival server, it even includes popcorn! :O

  • Awesome farming mod!

    I always had lots of fun by having all of my crops in Minetest.
    I totally recommend the mod if you're looking for more crops and farming stuff, it's super cool.


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