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Ethereal adds many new biomes, plants, food items and tweaks to your world that makes for an interesting adventure :)

Here are some of the new additions:

Biomes: glacier, bamboo, mesa, alpine, healing, snowy, frost, grassy, caves, grayness, grassytwo, prairie, jumble, junglee, desert, grove, mushroom, sandstone, quicksand, plains, savannah, fiery, sandclay, swamp, reefs, sakura, tundra, mediterranean.

Trees: willow, healing, big, banana, frost, mushroom, palm, redwood, orange, birch, sakura, lemon, olive.

Food: wild onion, strawberry, lemon, olives, many fish, banana, pine nuts, coconut, golden apple, hearty stew, mushroom soup, firethorn jelly, sushi, teriyaki.

Special items and features: potion of flight, crystal tools, staff of light, gilly staff, cold blocks freeze water, hot blocks melt snow and ice, torch drops near water.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very Diverse

    Adds some much needed aesthetics & plenty of items & nodes. Gives worlds a more diverse feel.

  • Best surface mapgen mode

    a really good mapgen mode, it makes exploring really fun, with an easy to use biome api.. this mod, some mobs_redo animals and monsters and ambience will make exploring the surface awesome, unlike default MTG where there is nothing to see/find while exploring.. would be really nice to have a building generator mod supporting this one, also would be nicer if minetest supports adding biomes at every hight without using VoxelManip or whatever.. biomes are the best!

  • Mostly recommended, with some caveats

    Ethereal is the go to mod for spicing up your game biome game. If you want a mod that makes your world feel like a diverse planet, this is an excellent option. You got lots of variety in biomes, a lot of new items, and it goes very well with the V7 mapgen.

    That said, bear in mind the following: You may want to edit which biomes show up in it's mod options menu, some I find tedious and boring. Also, some biomes tend to be far more common than others and if you need resources from certain biomes, you are kinda stuck doing a LOT of exploring to find them. Finally, it does add a lot of ground clutter that may not be for all players who aren't crazy about tons of underbrush.

  • Good for both decoration and survival

    On both survival (Linux Forks) and creative servers (C&C City Server), I found that the gaming experience was improved in both cases. In survival, it add more features (e.g. proper trees instead of the nearly useless bushes) that is extremely helpful for survival players. From another standpoint, it is useful for creative and building players since all blocks' appearences are very nice

    But on the another hand, the mushroom biome is too large and those mushroom trees are quite ugly. I think developers can refer to the appearence of big mushrooms in Minecraft, to create beautiful mushroom biome.

    Overall, this is a good mod that I recommend to any server.

  • Too unbalanced

    I'm more than disappointed to see an old mod is still far from mature. The mod is overly unbalanced.

    1. Plotting the biomes into a Voronoi graph, I found that far to many biomes are stuck in the lower-left corner, while a few biomes like sakura stays all the way up, covering lots of area.
    2. The naming scheme is rather scheme, which means that only savanna is the only biome recognizable, and every time I start up a world I start in a savanna.
    3. Wild onions grow far too fast compared with other crops.
  • Good biome mod but not without issues

    After years of playing various combinations of MTG+Ethereal+mods (on servers and some of my singleplayer worlds) I can give this mod 7/10. In my opinion it's the best (maintained and supported by some other mods) biome mod currently avaivable, but not without it's own issues.

    What I like:

    • Big amount of biomes (but not too big, that's just the amount you'd want to discover)
    • Big amount of items and tools too
    • Mostly looks in-place when comparing ethereal biomes to default ones (if playing without some mods, see What I don't like)
    • Not "Lets-Do-Minecraft-Out-Of-Minetest" genre (biomes are mostly exclusive for MT)
    • Doesn't only add new nodes but also makes use of previously unused ones (for example, default:dirt_with_dry_grass)

    What I don't like:

    • 32x and bigger sizes textures used (seriously, why 32x crystals are growing on 16x crystal moss?)
    • Works terrible with Farming Redo (combos of MTG+Ethereal+mods are mostly MTG+Ethereal+Farming Redo+mods. The thing is that Farming Redo only works on default biomes and to find plants you need to search for those, comparing bamboo biome to some default forest biome makes forest look like oasis with tomatoes, carrots, onions and litterally everything. This is weird because Farming Redo and Ethereal NG has the same maintainer, TenPlus1)
    • Touches other mods without a reason by default (for example, default. Ethereal makes leaves from default look plantlike, and it looks terrible when you have some tree mods installed like Moretrees which Ethereal doesn't know about; and so on...)
  • Fantastic Biome Mod

    Thank you for this mod! I really enjoy the diversity of biomes that are added with this mod. It really can make a world colorful.

    I do have one question about this mod. When I enable this mod, torches deal damage. Is this intended for this mod? I find this to be unusual. Is there any way to disable this behavior?

    Again, thank you for the mod!

  • Makes the server very diverse in terms of biomes

    The added nodes, biomes and ores are a great enhancement, specially for MTG. I use at the Mercurio server and it is just great!

  • Amazing variety and feature additions

    This is a must-have for many servers.

    It would be nice if the Flight Potion had reduced fall damage and low gravity effects when it wore out though, as if it were a drug with a non-instantaneous falloff period.

  • Realistic mod

    I really like this mod which provide a lot of news biomes and others blocks, and we have more building possibilities.

  • Lovingly beautiful

    I just fell in love when I tried this mod. It is just amazing. Whoa so many biomes on the dround,underground. And not to be kidding it looks great when you play using this on v5. it is splendid. I actually got the Shaolin temple like landscape when I went in the Bamboo forest and grew Sakura or cherry blossom trees there. It was a total wowscape.

    I have a suggestion too. Could you please add Banyan trees to the mod. Actually I like seeing them in real life, and dearly hope one day they would be in sandbox games like minetest too.

  • Better now that I know what caused the conflict

    Stonebrickdungeons is no longer maintained, so that's a moot point, in fact, I'm leaving it out of a project I've been working on.

    In short, I was whiney in my earlier revision, took me a bit to realize that


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