Ethereal adds many new biomes, plants, food items and tweaks to your world that makes for an interesting adventure :)

Here are some of the new additions:

Biomes: glacier, bamboo, mesa, alpine, healing, snowy, frost, grassy, caves, grayness, grassytwo, prairie, jumble, junglee, desert, grove, mushroom, sandstone, quicksand, plains, savannah, fiery, sandclay, swamp, reefs, sakura, tundra, mediterranean.

Trees: willow, healing, big, banana, frost, mushroom, palm, redwood, orange, birch, sakura, lemon, olive.

Food: wild onion, strawberry, lemon, olives, many fish, banana, pine nuts, coconut, golden apple, hearty stew, mushroom soup, firethorn jelly, sushi, teriyaki.

Special items and features: potion of flight, crystal tools, staff of light, gilly staff, cold blocks freeze water, hot blocks melt snow and ice, torch drops near water.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Realistic mod

    I really like this mod which provide a lot of news biomes and others blocks, and we have more building possibilities.


  • Almost worth it

    This mod has caused a multitude of items (a LOT of unified inventory pages) to display "unknown item/node" textures and conflicts with stonebrickdungeons. the latter of which is an ESSENTIAL for my enjoyment of MT. I know it's ethereal causing this conflict because I've done both in isolation and they STILL conflicted.

    Problems: -Unknown Node Stuff. -Causes Stonebrick Dungeons to treat the Player's hand as a node.