Explore the world and find villages of diffrent types. Buy a house in a village and settle down.

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Create a new world - and you'll start right in a medieval village! Explore the world and find other villages of diffrent types. Buy a house in a village and settle down.

You can add your own houses and village types if you want to.

My cottages mod is highly recommended. Ethereal, RealTest and MineClone2 are supported as well.

The mod places the buildings at mapgen time. That way you'll only find villages in areas on your old map which you havn't explored yet.

Mobs and/or villagers are not included. Add them to your world to make the villages feel more alive!

Release 2020-10-16: * lots of bugfixes and adjustments for newer versions of MT * ought to run again with MineClone2, RealTest, Ethereal and the like (even AdventureTest with some changes) * no more crashes due to lighting errors - new code handles that more efficiently * some speed updates



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  • Has errors and crashes mapgen.lua

    AsyncErr: Lua: finishGenRuntime error from mod 'mg_villages' in callback environment_OnGenerated(): Unknown node: cottages:feldweg stack traceback: [C]: in function 'get_content_id' [Redacted]/mods/mg_villages/mapgen.lua:918: in function 'place_villages_via_voxelmanip' [Redacted]/mods/mg_villages/mapgen.lua:1112: in function <[Redacted]/mods/mg_villages/mapgen.lua:1067> [Redacted]/builtin/game/register.lua:429: in function <[Redacted]/builtin/game/register.lua:413>

    Version 5.3.0 via Flathub. Wish they'd update it to 5.4!

    Just updated to 5.4 that was rolled out within the hour. Update: Still broken for me on 5.4


  • Nice Starting

    I have ran into 3 bugs so far playing for only 30 minutes. But love this. I see such great potental. I will dive into figuring out the bugs on my end. I need to study more on how to set up my own town in this game. Great job. Keep up the updates and I will see what I can do from my side of things.