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  • simple but really cool :)

    A simple but really cool mod, I know we have others, but this one with monsters, Mob Horse is a more standard game... I miss a dog to tame, and an easier way to command, like sit and follow, and others animals, like in the desert, a camel, and savanna, an elephant, I don't know.. But thanks for the mod and the work :)

  • It adds farm animals to the game!

    It adds animals that you can farm! What's not to like about that? It's a very deep mechanic, allowing you to make all sorts of farms!

    Personally I've farmed cows, bunnies, and chickens. It can be very fun.

    A small but important note: You can hold a bunny in your inventory! Scoop up a trained bunny and now you are holding a bunny! This is objectively wonderful.

    However you should be aware that the animals move slowly, and they will start spawning all over your map at a moderate rate. These animals are not rare, so expect to see a cow, sheep, kitten, bunny, and chicken in every plain that you cross. Maybe you'd want to decrement the spawn rate if you wanted better balance.

    Also, please be aware that stock fences don't actually block the animals. You need the special "mob fences" added by mobs redo for that.

  • Simple Animals

    simple animals mod with enough features for a survival server, with an easy to use mob api to add any features you like, might want to check Dmobs for more animals if you are missing some with this one :)

  • Reliable Author and Attend to Bugs Quickly

    One of the few if not only existing author that takes their mods seriously to ensure critical bugs are fixed promptly. If your a serious server admin like me, you can't go wrong with their mods' collection and the fact that prompt support is normally provided to boot. :)

  • Animals not spawn

    by my mtserver I installed this, with also mobs_monsters, but no mobs are spawning

    There is no log about it, but yeah plz try to fix it.

    If you can fix it I will make new review (or edit this one)


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