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  • Church Modpack

    Very good work. I hope there will be a few more :I

  • Candles!

    Its the best wax candles mod available here. It also includes a lot of other decoration blocks but if you dont want them you can just disable them. Its odd that some of them emit light even they dont usually do that in real life but it helps to lighten up your churches. Some tombstones arent craftable

  • Great Set of Decorations

    This modpack adds a lot of really nice decorations. The bell has a very rich ring to it. It's so satisfying to ring it. Haha.

    I do have a couple of suggestions. Is there any way to slow down the spawning of the bee hives? I have a small area of apple trees and a great number of them have multiple hives on them, and they keep coming back. I think the hives should be a little sparse. Also, the bee buzzing sound is heard by multiple players on our server, even if some of the players aren't near the bees.

    Anyhow, great modpack! This one is a keeper.

  • I just love it

    no comments! i just love this mod. also the bell are perfect! my server its complete with that one

  • Bees?

    Hello, I apreciate everything else in this mod such as the stained glass and other decorative items, although I find it perhaps slightly odd they all glow.

    However the main thing that interested me in this mod was the candles. But due to an issue I can not craft them, the issue is as follows:

    I have not seen any wild bee hives despite exploring, and I have not seen them randomly spawn either as I explore.

    I have looked through the lua code of both the init.lua and the hive.lua files, and I fail to see how hives appear anywhere in MineTest Game. It is important to specify here I literally have no experience with Lua specifically. But I have no clue on how to proceed in this situation.

    I left a neutral review as I am unaware as how to utilize the part of the mod I initially installed it for.


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