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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

Unified Inventory Plus extends Unified Inventory. It adds 3 button types to the craft page: - Craft All: crafting a stack and putting the result in the inventory - Patterns buttons: reorganizing items in the craft inventory following usual patterns - Rotation button: rotating the craft inventory content - Clear button: clear the craft inventory content

In init.lua, you can easily: Disable the functionalities you don't want Disable and reorder patterns

Fully compatible with Skyblock


Features can be toggled with the following settings (true per default):

  • unified_inventory_plus.enable_craft_all
  • unified_inventory_plus.enable_craft_organize
  • unified_inventory_plus.enable_craft_rotate
  • unified_inventory_plus.enable_craft_clear



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Best UI (IMO)

    IMO, this UI is the best in MT at this time.

    i3 vs UI+ 1. UI+ is easier to use than i3, because you can see the "set home" option, which is kind of hidden in the i3 interface. 2. i3 also has 4 hidden slots when using chests, which is nice if you want the 4 extra inventory slots. 3. However UI+ makes up for the lack of those 4 slots with 4 bag slots that do not drop the bags on death. 4. i3's bag slot does not store your bag upon death, unless you turn off drop inventory upon death. 5. i3 allows you to remove the bag and contents, which you cannot do with UI+.

    -will add more pros and cons later. (Most servers don't have i3 for me to make more comments, so I need to explore this a bit more.)


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