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Adds massive, terrifying Dragons and powerful endgame equipment.

Dragons are massive flying beasts with powerful breath, capable of laying waste to almost anything.

Dragon Eggs are a rare and valuable drop from older Dragons. When put on a 3x3 nest of Bone Piles, the Egg will "awaken" and allow you to set it alight or drown it to begin hatching.

Draconic Steel can be crafted in to tools and armor (if stu's 3d armor mod is enabled) that far exceed the capabilities of diamond. Draconic Steel is costly, time-consuming, and unstackable. Each ingot is directly tied to the Dragon that forged it, and ingots forged by different individual Dragons cannot be crafted together. Draconic Steel tools gain power from their linked Dragon, with attack strength and speed increasing the closer the tool is. Inversely, if the Dragon dies the tool will shatter upon use.

More in-depth information can be found in the Libri Draconis item.



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  • Pretty good mod

    Seems like a good mod to me. Adds lots of very cool dragons, new materials an weapons. I like that it runs well on old computers, despite having amazingly complex AI, high-poly textures and being a fairly large mod in general.

  • one of the best mods i have ever seen

    I like this mod because it is so intricate and has many features but I have found only one problem, I just cant find a dragon roost or a dragon cave.Please tell me how to find one. I also cant use a draconis steel forge even when i set it up correctly and use the coresponding dragon type and the right fuel source (dragon blood). Also i cant hatch the eggs because the old ways dont work .

  • Well made but maybe a little dishonest.

    This is a great mod, and a great port of a minecraft mod called Ice and Fire which does exactly the same things to a T. It would be better if that was mentioned in the description, as while this mod doesn't reuse any assets or code it's clear where all of the ideas and mechanics came from.

    Disregarding that: good mod, visually pleasing, and deserves recognition for that.

  • Amazing mobs, immersive gameplay

    This mod adds amazing new challenges for your survival gameplay. Dragons are a next-level challenge, and you can progress into a Dragon master who breeds your own dragons, wearing the most powerful armor in game.

  • Cool mod

    very fun, I was hiding in a tower I had built and a dragon bit me and I immeditally died. I'm not sure how it could get to me through a tiny hole in the ceiling.

    They can sneek up on you if you're not careful.

  • Challenging fights...

    pretty high quality mod

    you will need a bunch af high quality stuff to beat these super OP dragons xD, but it adds a good chalenge to the game

    (the best way to kill them is rangedweapons mod as far as I can see)

  • Very innovative

    A very good example of the capabilities of mobkit and the recent engine changes for code based animation.

  • Dragons <3

    I love this mod. The dragons are so amazing. I have been seeing it used on Dragon Realms 2021. I think it's really sweet to see the dragons sleep at night. I didn't think they'd grow so large however, but I think it's perfect! I have yet to hatch my own dragon, even though I have all the necessary components. I just want to keep the eggs unhatched until I have at least two of the same color.

  • One of my favorite mods

    this mod is so cool! the dragons attacks are legendary i never thought it was possible to make smth this cool in minetest wow :O the dragon behaviour is really realistic and the wyverns are tiny so they take up less space if u need to make a home for them.

    I would suggest adding maybe other elements of dragons like wind or lightning would be cool right? so maybe for wind they blow you into the air a little bit and for lightning they zap u... idk if its too much work but thats my suggestion! :D thanks for making such a cool mod

  • Rare example of great artwork

    Something that bothers me very much with many minetest mods is that the artwork leaves much to be desired, but this is definitely an exception. The items are decent but the dragons and blocks are fantastic! I was surprised also at how nice and smooth the animations are. The mod works as promised so really all i have to say is that this is a fantastic mod!

  • Another amazing creature

    Such a great and fun addition to the Creatura API. Great model with smooth animations, looks very vivid and natural, feels right at home in the world of Minetest Game! It's a bit rare to find dragons and dragon nests throughout the world, took me a long time exploring to come across one... I guess this might be good as the player could be attacked too easily if they were everywhere, I presume they're intended to be a rare treat to come across.

    I spawned a fire and ice dragon next to each other to try it out, without realizing they're enemies at first: It was fun to watch them fight and destroy the environment around them in the process! On the opposite end, seeing them sleep is surprisingly cute... yes, the one thing you should never call a dragon :)

  • mod

    great mod! can you make a llama mod? that would be great!

  • Perfect, terrifying, and extremely destructive.

    These dragons best everything, even dmobs. With slick animation, cool controls, and ridiculously hard to beat powers, these dragons are very fun. Absolutely recommended! By the way, I was trying to fly a Creative ice dragon into my castle, and a huge chunk of the castle disappeared where the dragon was. Was taking nodes away intentionally added in the programming?

  • similar to ice and fire

    similar to ice and fire, but the sensations are different

  • Amazing!

    This is one of the best mods I have ever come into. I'm gonna make a list of pros vs cons, cuz, well, why not: ---Pros :D 1. Graphics are AMAZING! 2. The dragons are easy to control when riding 3. Come in a variety of colors 4. Beautiful new building blocks 5. Fast transport xD 6. I love dragons so... Yeah :D Summary: Good graphics, nice speed and control when flying. Adds cool new blocks, many color varieties. ---Cons D: 1. The wings don't show up well on dragons, exept if they are silver or gold. 2. When I shift-rightclick my dragon, it gives a bunch of errors that tell me that this little model or diagram of my dragon can't show up. 3. How do you hatch the dragons? I've rummaged through everything I can, even Libri Draconis in game and haven't been able to figure it out. Summary: Wings aren't showing up well, many errors on dragon info screen, can't find out how to hatch dragons.

    Good mod, thanks for reading!

  • Fantastico

    El mejor mod de Dragones, increible, me recuerda a uno de hielo y fuego...

  • Dragons

    Mind blowing dragons in just one mod. Feels like the majestic and powerful drgons landed in minetest. Just loved this mod but I just wanted help with the bestiary as I can not read what is inside it

  • Nice mod

    Nice mod but would be more better if can just get an already tamed dragon in creative for testing them especially if you are not playing on a server and dont want to spend so much time untill you can ride one

  • excellent !!!!!!!!

    but this mod is the best dragons the thing is ice and fire in better lively the updates but why me sometimes its crash (not all the time)

  • This mod is very good

    This mod, is amazingly well done it adds not just dragons but soooo powerful items,tools,armor and more!

  • Beautiful

    Amazingly beautiful & creative. I've only tested it a bit on some local games, but it seems very well done. The dragons are enormous.


    While I personally am not the biggest fan of survival oriented servers adn games, draconis certainly has mede me reconsider. It has life like although, technically dragons aint real animations, and the hardwork of ceejo just shows through everything. +1 For a damn fine mod


    No game is complete without dragons. This is a pretty high quality mod for them

  • mods great but i cant use mineclone with it

    well title basicly explans it all but heres what pops up every single time i add the mod please fix this ModError: Failed to load and run script from C:\Users\sebas\Downloads\minetest-5.8.0-win64\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin..\mods\draconis\init.lua: ...in64\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin..\mods\draconis/nodes.lua:254: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: ...in64\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin..\mods\draconis/nodes.lua:254: in main chunk [C]: in function 'dofile' ...win64\minetest-5.8.0-win64\bin..\mods\draconis\init.lua:111: in main chunk Check debug.txt for details.

  • very good!

    very cool Dragons, thank you ElCeejo!

  • A reveiw

    It works for the most part very well. There are however a few prooblems I am having, 1.) The bestery is completely empty when I open it. 2.) As well as the manuscrip which also doesn't work for some reason. But otherwise it works fine!


    Ok.. it seems like my issues are fixed so its time to mention the good sides,

    This mod provides high quality dragons with pretty good textures and animation. It also has.. some sort of armor and tools.. deserves checking out as good textures and animations are no common in minetest.

  • dragons

    great mod that provides amamzing qualitly dragons

  • Updoot because this seems to be a genuinely well-done mod.

    I gotta admit though that I haven't even bothered to download it.

    I have even bothered to download it.

  • Good mod

    I'm taking your word for it. Also, fire = good.



  • How to hatch

    How to hatch an egg to get small baby dragon manually? Bad support. Cannot ride and drive. Dragons spoils your creative world. Bad interact with other dragons. No information in in-mod book. A lot bugs and game crashes. Non intuitive. Not suitable for kids.

    Please better use dragons from Dmob mod.


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