Draconis adds advanced Dragons and powerful equipment.

Dragons are massive, powerful mobs capable of laying waste to structures, animals, and players alike.

Fire Dragons are found in warmer biomes, like Jungles and Savannas. Their breath scorches terrain and spreads fire rapidly, making them a huge threat to wood structures and forests.

Ice Dragons live in cold biomes, like Taiga and Ice Sheets. Their breath freezes terrain and water, and can freeze living beings in blocks of ice.

Both varieties of Dragons will drop Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales, and rarely, Dragon Blood and Eggs.

Dragon Eggs can be used as decor, or hatched if you wish to raise a Dragon of your own. How an egg is hatched is different between Dragons and is detailed in the Bestiary.

Once hatched, baby Dragons must be fed and left to grow. As they grow, they will gain new abilities.

Dragons age, health, hunger, and commands can be tracked and changed by shift + right-clicking to open the Dragons control UI. Here you can switch a Dragons aggressiveness between passive, neutral, and aggressive. You can also change it's order between follow, wander, and stand.

Once above age 50, Dragons can be ridden. They can walk on the ground, and can take off by olding the Spacebar. Left-click unleashes their breath attack, and right-click lets out a roar. While flying forward, they will move with your mouse pitch, and will move with S (down) and Spacebar (Up) while hovering.

Dragons themselves are powerful, but succesfully raising one will unlock a new tier of powerful tools for yourself. Using information from the Bestiary, you can assemble the Draconic Steel Forge. Once your Forge is set up, and materials are placed in side, use your Dragons breath to fuel it. Once finished, open the Forge and you'll find Draconic Steel.

Draconic Steel can be crafted in to tools and armor (if stu's 3d armor mod is enabled) that far exceed the capabilities of diamond.

For more information, craft a Bestiary in-game and fill it using Manuscript.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Pretty good mod

    Seems like a good mod to me. Adds lots of very cool dragons, new materials an weapons. I like that it runs well on old computers, despite having amazingly complex AI, high-poly textures and being a fairly large mod in general.

  • Dragons!

    This mod is really quite impressive

    I decided to try this mod out, and started by spawning a dragon. It looked at me for a few seconds, walked a bit, then killed me instantly. I returned to find the hill on fire from the dragon, with dragon sliding down the hill leaving destruction in its wake

  • Cool mod

    very fun, I was hiding in a tower I had built and a dragon bit me and I immeditally died. I'm not sure how it could get to me through a tiny hole in the ceiling.

    They can sneek up on you if you're not careful.

  • Dragons <3

    I love this mod. The dragons are so amazing. I have been seeing it used on Dragon Realms 2021. I think it's really sweet to see the dragons sleep at night. I didn't think they'd grow so large however, but I think it's perfect! I have yet to hatch my own dragon, even though I have all the necessary components. I just want to keep the eggs unhatched until I have at least two of the same color.

  • This mod is very good

    This mod, is amazingly well done it adds not just dragons but soooo powerful items,tools,armor and more!

  • one of the best mods i have ever seen

    I have played minetest for over a year and a half now and i have never found a mod so well made , smooth (i use a ancient laptop with an even more ancient grafics card and cpu ), fun to play with and with practically no bugs .

  • Beautiful

    Amazingly beautiful & creative. I've only tested it a bit on some local games, but it seems very well done. The dragons are enormous.

  • Challenging fights...

    pretty high quality mod

    you will need a bunch af high quality stuff to beat these super OP dragons xD, but it adds a good chalenge to the game

    (the best way to kill them is rangedweapons mod as far as I can see)

  • Very innovative

    A very good example of the capabilities of mobkit and the recent engine changes for code based animation.


    No game is complete without dragons. This is a pretty high quality mod for them


    While I personally am not the biggest fan of survival oriented servers adn games, draconis certainly has mede me reconsider. It has life like although, technically dragons aint real animations, and the hardwork of ceejo just shows through everything. +1 For a damn fine mod

  • Good mod

    I'm taking your word for it. Also, fire = good.

  • dragons

    great mod that provides amamzing qualitly dragons

  • DRAGONS! but Lag..

    The animations of the dragon are cool (hardly got a chance to see the animation because of lag..) it lags mostly when it shoots that blue thingy.. would recommend this mod if it was not laggy, literally, i managed to kill a dragon with no armor, sword only because of lag.. it even shoots from the side :(

    Not going to miss mentioning, the textures of the mod, they are amazing! tools/armor and the dragons themselves have good textures good job in making these..

    couldn't actually try everything in this mod because.. yknow :l

  • Updoot because this seems to be a genuinely well-done mod.

    I gotta admit though that I haven't even bothered to download it.

    I have even bothered to download it.