Draconis aims to make Minetest Game more fun to play in survival by adding an exploration element and higher progression beyond diamond.


Dragons spawn in 2 ways depending on the mod config. If simple spawning is on, they will spawn randomly in the overworld like most other mobs. If simple spawning is off, smaller Dragons will spawn in patches of frozen or scorched terrain littered with loot blocks, aand massive Dragons spawn undeground in rare caverns. Undeground Dragons are meant as a sort of boss fight, with the end reward of a Dragon Egg if the slain Dragon is female.


Draconis adds 2 new tool materials, Dragon Bone, and Draconic Steel.

Dragon Bones are obtained by killing Dragons. No matter what type of Dragon it is, it will always drop Dragon Bones. These bones can be turned into very strong tools, stronger than Diamond and Mese, and can also be used to craft the Dragon Flute,

Draconic Steel has 2 varieties, they have no differences aside from cosmetics, unless you have 3D Armor enabled.

Draconic Steel is created through a very difficult process that requires killing multiple Dragons and having at least one adult Dragon. The full process is detailed in the in-game Bestiary. Draconic Steel is much stronger than Diamond and most other modded tools, and the armor gives certain buffs depending on the variety of Draconic Steel used.

Dragon Controls

This guide is meant for QWERTY keyboards, look up conversions if you have a different layout

W = Forward

S = Down

Jump = Up

A + S = Change point of view

Right-click = Breath attack

Most other info you may need to know is detailed in the Bestiary

WARNING: This mod uses the WIP Mob Core expansion API, crashes and bugs are likely so if you find one, please report it on the Mob Core GitHub page.

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