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  • The best shooter mod.

    it is great, the items work great, but i do have a question is there any mod that i have to get? because i can't seem to find the minigun anywhere in the inventory pages, i even tried searching for it with all the "optional dependences" installed, thanks!

    EDIT: i would also recomend adding some semi-automatic rifles EHEM (M1 Garand) EHEM

  • Nice but...

    Hi, great mod, but could you add ,privileges to use it? Or there is already a system to avoid its use in areas not allowed, for example I would like to create a special space in my server where to use weapons but I would not want them to be used everywhere "especially grenades"

  • Suggestion

    Sneak + Build Key = Unload

  • Good

    this mod is the best, a modern shooter mod with a lot of weapons, Nice work! :)

  • Global sounds

    As much as I love this mod for the guns it offers, and the ingenious ways the guns and projectiles are implemented. It is rather frustrating hearing a firefight from 2000 nodes away, as if it was happening inside of my head.

    Now, that being said the fix isn't rocket science although it took me two days to figure out properly. Instead of playing it at every {player} you need to edit various lua files if this issue bothers you too.

    First by defining what "pos" means inside the sound playing functions, before the actual sound_play command, for example: "local pos = player:get_pos() minetest.sound_play(gun_unload_sound, {pos = pos, max_hear_distance = 50, gain = 0.7})"

    However this fix in the review doesn't address the leaf impacts and block impacts or door/glass destruction sounds. I do not want to write a book here about how to fix sounds in 1 mod. I have edited those as well, if someone wants my versions of the .lua files comment on my review. I am willing to help anyone out with this issue.

    I am a complete novice so i do not claim my fix to be perfect. If the sounds playing at every players location is not a deal breaker for you, then ignore my review.

  • The best weapon mod out there

    I liked this mod very much, but I agree with ulla: you need to add privileges to shoot, or add privilege that allows you shoot dangerous weapons in any area. Also, can you add rocket launcher that can be blocked by restricted anti-weapon areas?

  • An amazing shooter mod

    This mod is insane. There is so many guns and weapons!

    Some sugestions:

    • Smoke puff can be improved
    • Add player annimations
    • Some more military like armors?
  • English

    Excellent gunz

    This mod adds so many guns, you can even craft them so you can shoot up monsters in your survival world. You can even see the stats of each, like how much accuracy the gun has. There are even things slightly different than guns, like a freaking spear (javelin) or shurikens. But if you're planning to create a power gun, then note that you'll need a purple orb power thing which has no recipes, so I don't know how you can get it.

    My only complaint about this mod is that it calls magazines 'clips' IT'S A MAGAZINEEEEE NOT A CLIP!!!


  • Bad, but the goodness outweighs the badness colossally

    This mod is kinda weird. And incredibly cool. As if the author knew little to nothing about actual programming, but through the sheer power of determination... they never gave up. Like, just look at the code, especially the pre-update version! There isn't a single 'table' data structure, and yet it works, even fuming a little!

    There is room for improvement. Lots of room. I am currently working on my projectiles library, and I am planning on improving this mod with some abstractions from that very package.

    Even with all the shortcomings and mistakes of this firearms modpack (it's not really a small "mod" but rather a pack that adds a ton of new weapons), all my friends enjoy it. Yeah, it's up to proper interpretation to call them "friends", but it converted even the most hardcore minecraft fanatics to minetest enjoyers.

    Thanks for delivering this to us from the heavens of lead showers.

  • Honestly, this is among my top three favorite mods--few criticisms, though.

    The selection of weapons and the ammo options are extensive, and I really LOVE messing around with this package. However, in second-person view I'm unable to see the weapon sprites in my character's hand, and I'm not sure what the .50ae shells are compatible with. A few suggestions for an expansion would be to add a Barret .50 rifle capable of penetrating complete blocks, swappable infrared and night vison scopes, kevlar vests and flak helmets, smoke grenades, molotovs, and hostile, strategically-thinking AIs that can spawn and operate dropped weapons. (check out the AliveAI mod for a basic model, maybe--they're scary smart) Overall, I would give this mod three thumbs up. Also, I agree about the broken glass--being able to blow through windows would be awesome. Ziplines could be a cool addition too. But obviously that would require a lot of free time to program so no pressure.

  • Finally some modern weapons

    I like the nice variety of range weapons this mod adds and the evolution of guns. The mechianics are very realistic. But the feature that broken glass converts back to normal glass blocks should be removed . It just allows you to glitch trough walls with minimal damage. If glass would stay broken for longer, it would at least hurt more. How about a priv for using guns? It would also be cool if more nodes could be destroyed by bullets.

  • Weapons in Minetest 🤨?

    YEEES, WEAPOOOONS IN MINETEST 💥🔫😎💣! But there are some typos around.

  • Nice ...

    I need update add some weapon