Adds titanium which is very strong and lasts for a long time.


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  • I like the mod, but its not balanced, or as useful as the titanium from Xtraores.

    Considering that modern super-alloys like gamma-titanium-aluminum are within a stone's throw of modern super-composites like acrylo-nitrile carbon fiber layups/prepregs/tows, this mod really doesn't do the material justice. After using it for a long time on servers and testing on singleplayer, I can say that its durability and effectiveness are far from what they could be considering Titanium's toughness when compared to commonly found crystal gems that form in the ground, and still its hardness and strength to weight ratio is nearly on par with many common low-grade ceramics used in commercial goods, like amorphous sintered alumina powder, quartz, and many others including some Sialons. I think this mod material's capabilities should be multiplied several times, allowed to be alloyed into a perovskite or titanium-aluminum-oxygen/carbide/nitride/boride crystal that beats the strength of many other mods including the gemstones like Ruby and the Crystal mod. It should be harder to get and craft if enhanced also.

    Thanks for reading and I hope something comes of this.


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