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Minetest 5.6 - 5.6

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All objects and textures(except those from wikipedia) in this mods created by JALdMIC and published under CC_BY_SA 4.0 International

Greedy,Aperture_Science_washing_turret and Aperture_Science_Toilet_Turret are based in those from the game Aperture Desk Job made by Valve.

Dandylion and pytwire are based in the creatures from the project Tuxemon.

Metalac is based in the creature from zoonamy mod from isaiha.

Krutchy is based in the krutchy doll from Postal Movie of Uwe Boll,postal_bed,uncle_dave_bed,oldrefri and oldtv are from the same movie

Care Bears heart,pole,flowers,start,tree,fence(and corner),popcornmachine,box,basquet,pie(2),table,garden_umbrella, ,writtingmachine,caring_meter,decosignal,caring_compas,little_chest,armchair,giant_heart,giant_basquet,giant_flower,flying globe are based in those from the Care Bears family serie from Nelvana and America Greetings Cards.

Peppert and Carrot Chest,cristall ball,table,floordeco,wardrobe,mirror,little chair,broom, potion(fire_dancer,deep_ocean,nature,violent),winner_ribborn,book incarnate chaosa demonds vol1, signal(mountaint,forest,cloud),mushroom,coral_crown,acrens_symbol,cat_helmet,dragon(dentist_tool,teeth),voting, sword,hat,water_tree .. guardian_armor .. guargian_gloves are based in those from the comic of David Revoy.

Hedge is based in the characters from Hedgewars Game

This textures are From wikipedia flagM26_7 is from ,Oliver Wolters flagCuba Madden Licence PublicDomain flagMexico Alex Covarrubias,Based on the arms by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán. Licence PublicDomain flagMVenezuela Licence Public Domain flagTemplar helix84 - own work; part of Image:Cyriaci.svg

The mesh of the book is from archimesh addon for blender from Antonio Vasquez Part of the code of formspec.luas is based in give_initial_stuff from Celeron55 and others Part of the code of stuff.lua is based in mobs mod from TenPlus1,Wield3d from stujones11(Stuart Jones)and parkoursurvive from aitech



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