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All objects and textures(except those from wikipedia) in this mods created by JALdMIC and published under CC_BY_SA 4.0 International

Changelog 1.2 Arrelgos Menores Nada nuevo,solo borre algunas texturas de alta definicion que no se usaban para obtener espacio y arregle algunas cosas. Nothing new,i just erase some high definition textures what don't use for get espace,adn fix some things. 1.1 Very Importante

No hay realmente assets nuevos pero si grandes cambios/No new assets but great changes He decidido poner los assets de la parte 2 y mover el sistema de ropa y los otros modelos para el personaje a el segundo mod debido a que al los modelos son tan diferentes del predeterminado del minetest que hacen que otros mods sean incompatibles con este o funcionen mal. I decide to put the assets of the second part and move the cloth sistem and the other models for the character in the second mod because the models are to different from the default model,this cause who other mods be incompatible with this or doest function correctly.

De la parte 2/From part 2 Care Bears:heart_hole_block,chair,couch,clock,chest Normal:wood_fence and corner,soviet flag Elpidio Valdez:Zetacio_sword,Elpidio_Valdez_Bandera_del_Ejercito_Espanol Peppert and Carrot:zafron_house_furniture,shichimi_little_cauldron, normal:reinforced_iron_shovel and pick,destapador,heavy_hammer,training_sword, survivethedays:plantdecoration 5 Fernanda:fernanda_house furniture 3,chair2,table,tocho chair furniture couch chair,mutant flower Added a diferent texture for the grass,experiment,bomb,lin pao hat,francisco cloth Care_bears:tree,tree2,flowers3,flowers4,cloud2,cloud3 Peppert_and_Carrot:dark_knight_sword,pumpkinstar, Wesnoth:magic_wand

1.0.15 Adicionado paramtype = light al codigo de varios objetos(para evitar que oscurezcan los nodos y otros objetos a su alrededor) Added paramtype = light to the code of some of the objects(for avoid who darkens the nodes and other objects around then)

Arregladas las colisiones de/Fixet the collisions of: Hedge Banderas/Flags: Mexico,Francia peppert_and_carrot_floor_deco Camiado el modelo de/Changed the model of egipcian_hat 1.0.14 Adicionada la opcion para escoger otro modelo para el jugador("conejo") Added the option for chose another model for the player 1.0.13 Improved the lenguage option and now the mod is in spanish for default 1.0.12 Some improvements in the cloth system Experimental option for change the game lenguage 1.0.11 Animation rework and fixes Added the options for chose to use the player model of Minetest or the player model of the mod if the Minetest model is used then the clothes and their section in the inventory will disapear I have to downgrade the player Model 3(now is like the model 2) 1.0.10 Little bugfixes 1 Added ushanka Added a new experimental player model with a cloth and wielded object system,Alert this is experimental and maybe been removed in the future because the actual method made the creation of new assets for this dificult.(Some of the assets related to this are :minint_uniform,hat_peppert,egyptian hat and tiara,flowers_crown,peppert_and_carrot_sword) Fixet some errors Added a new type of object name storage,basically are objects in where the player can store other objects the code is base in chest.lua from default mod Added textures for catalog items New objects Care Bears: giant_heart,..basquet,..flower,flying_globe Peppert and Carrot:mushroom,mushroom poison,mushroom poison fake,staff,sword,teeths collar,water_tree water_tree_guardian_hammer,..armor,fliying broom, Mobs:Light_spider,Head_huger Vegetation:Trees Aperture_Science:toilet and washing machine are now mobs who atack the player and have normal versions Added recipes

V0.9 Added the flags of Cuba,Mexico,Venezuela and the templar knights,hedge(based in hedgewar characters), oldtefri,oldtv,postal_bed,uncle_dave_bed care_bears meter, writtingmachine,decosignal,little_chest,armchair,granma_bear_bed,caring_compas Fixet some errors of missing textures. Adde a better formspec for the news Change the License to CC_BY_SA 4. International fc Madden PublicDomain FV public domain FM Alex Covarrubias, 9 April 2006. Based on the arms by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán. FT helix84 - own work; part of Image:Cyriaci.svg V0.8 Added peppert and carrot broom,potion(fire_dancer,deep_ocean,nature,violent),winner_riboen book_incarnation of chaosa demons,signal(mountaint,forest,cloud),mushroom,coral_crown, acrens_symbol,cat_helmet,dragon(dentist_tool,teeth),voting,flagM26_7 V0.7 Added a new type of objects called light and item Added care_bears popcornmachine,box,basquet,pie(2),table,garden_umbrella,fence_corner V0.6.1 Fixet some errors Resize the peppert_and_carrot floor deco Fixet the texture of metalanc and the mesh direction Fixet the mesh direction of peppert_and_carrot_chest and resize a bit

V0.6 Added Aperture_Science_washing_turret from Valve Added care_bears_tree and fence Added peppert and carrot wardrobe and mirror V0.5 Fixed some bugs Added armchair Added Peppert and Carrot table and floordeco Added Care_bears_heart_flowers(2) Remade all texture system,now the textures are by is dimensions TQ1 = 8-8px or 8-16 TQ2 = 64-64 or 64-128 TQ3 = 256-256 or 256-512 TQ4 = 1024-1024 or 1024-2048 Rework the collision and selection box of the objects V0.4.1 Fixet some errors V0.4 Added a new experimental block who imitates a cloud. Added a node whit form of star from the Care Bears Family series. Added chest,cristall_ball and little_chair from Peppert and Carrot Comic

Greedy,Aperture_Science_washing_turret and Aperture_Science_Toilet_Turret are based in those from the game Aperture Desk Job made by Valve.

Dandylion and pytwire are based in the creatures from the project Tuxemon.

Metalac is based in the creature from zoonamy mod from isaiha.

Krutchy is based in the krutchy doll from Postal Movie of Uwe Boll,postal_bed,uncle_dave_bed,oldrefri and oldtv are from the same movie

Care Bears heart,pole,flowers,start,tree,fence(and corner),popcornmachine,box,basquet,pie(2),table,garden_umbrella, ,writtingmachine,caring_meter,decosignal,caring_compas,little_chest,armchair,giant_heart,giant_basquet,giant_flower,flying globe are based in those from the Care Bears family serie from Nelvana and America Greetings Cards.

Peppert and Carrot Chest,cristall ball,table,floordeco,wardrobe,mirror,little chair,broom, potion(fire_dancer,deep_ocean,nature,violent),winner_ribborn,book incarnate chaosa demonds vol1, signal(mountaint,forest,cloud),mushroom,coral_crown,acrens_symbol,cat_helmet,dragon(dentist_tool,teeth),voting, sword,hat,water_tree .. guardian_armor .. guargian_gloves are based in those from the comic of David Revoy.

Hedge is based in the characters from Hedgewars Game

This textures are From wikipedia flagM26_7 is from ,Oliver Wolters flagCuba Madden Licence PublicDomain flagMexico Alex Covarrubias,Based on the arms by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán. Licence PublicDomain flagMVenezuela Licence Public Domain flagTemplar helix84 - own work; part of Image:Cyriaci.svg

The mesh of the book is from archimesh addon for blender from Antonio Vasquez Part of the code of formspec.luas is based in give_initial_stuff from Celeron55 and others Part of the code of stuff.lua is based in mobs mod from TenPlus1,Wield3d from stujones11(Stuart Jones)and parkoursurvive from aitech



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  • While place assets trouble

    While place assets just got black shapes whout textures, just like shadow things Fixed: need to turn on "Shaders"

  • Not very bad

    I liked your mod for its better models than homedecor. But there are some errors that greedy.obj is not defined. And you don't have any animation for them too. That is wierd. Hope you give them a function and erase the error which happened

  • interesting interaction, but some bugs in it

    2023-02-11 18:27:46: WARNING[Main]: Undeclared global variable "none" accessed at ...inetest-5.6.1-edu/bin/../mods/assets_warehouse/stuff.lua:458 2023-02-11 18:27:46: WARNING[Main]: Undeclared global variable "mesh" accessed at ...inetest-5.6.1-edu/bin/../mods/assets_warehouse/stuff.lua:198 2023-02-11 18:27:46: WARNING[Main]: Undeclared global variable "mesh" accessed at ...inetest-5.6.1-edu/bin/../mods/assets_warehouse/stuff.lua:489 2023-02-11 18:27:46: WARNING[Main]: Undeclared global variable "texture" accessed at ...inetest-5.6.1-edu/bin/../mods/assets_warehouse/stuff.lua:491


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