An aMAZEing Minetest game

VERSION 0.9 -Final Testing

5 Unique styles! Music! Creativity!

Just escape the maze to "win" and you'll be greeted with the main menu to try a different style!

More Info

The five styles are:

  • classic
  • grassy _ Fun music and fun gameplay
  • glass _ challenging, puzzling
  • cave _ Adventure Filled and Unique
  • club _ Like having a party

To quit a level or restart in-game, press "i" or the inventory button.

You always start in the middle of a maze and try to escape through any edge.

The limit on maze size is ~200 by 200.


Most everything here is either CC by SA or MIT license, see the License file in the game folder.

You really gotta try the "cave" and "club" styles, they're neat!

If you like the rocks, you can find them and more in my rocks mod:)

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