A markdown to Formspec Utility

API / Library


A super simple mod to covert markdown text into part of a formspec, specifically a hypertext[] element.

There are two functions provided:

md2f.md2f(x,y,w,h,markdown_string, settings)

md2f.md2ff(x,y,w,h,markdown_file, settings)

Both will result in correctly formatted hypertext elements that match markdown output.


settings is an optional argument, and if present, must be defined as such:

settings = {
    background_color = "#RGBA",
    font_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_1_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_2_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_3_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_4_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_5_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_6_color = "#RGBA",
    code_block_mono_color = "#RGBA",
    code_block_font_size = #,
    mono_color = "#RGBA",
    block_quote_color = "#RGBA",

If it is not present, basically everything is white by default, and size 16 font, except headings.


  1. All images will be centered
  2. Images have extra syntax: ![w,h](image.png) will result in an image scaled to those provided dimensions in pixels.
  3. Nesting is not supported at this time (such as headings inside block quotes)
  4. ``` are supported, but they must begin a line to count.
  5. Headings are not auto-bolded or auto underlined


Sample of tested and supported markdown:

# Level 1
## Level 2
### Level 3
#### Level 4
##### Level 5
###### Level 6

Paragraph 1 is a test paragaph, hopefully this is long enough to justify going to the next few lines.

This is another paragraph, should have worked.

int a = 5;
std::cout << a << std::endl;

**Bold Text**

*Italics Text*

***Bold and Italics***

> Block quote attempt

> Multiline, and multi paragraph
> Block Quote

1. Numbers will
3. Be Somewhat difficult
2. To support

- Unordered
- Lists
- Should be a breeze, hopefully
* Personally, 
* I think this should start a new 
* list set



Nested `code text` should be monospaced

All be lines



See the output in the screenshot provided



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