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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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A straightforward mod to convert markdown text into part of a formspec, specifically a hypertext[] element.

There are two functions provided:

md2f.md2f(x,y,w,h,markdown_string, settings)

md2f.md2ff(x,y,w,h,markdown_file, settings)

Both will result in correctly formatted hypertext elements that match markdown output.


settings is an optional argument, and if present, must be defined as such:

settings = {
    background_color = "#RGBA",
    font_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_1_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_2_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_3_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_4_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_5_color = "#RGBA",
    heading_6_color = "#RGBA",
    code_block_mono_color = "#RGBA",
    code_block_font_size = #,
    mono_color = "#RGBA",
    block_quote_color = "#RGBA",
    tab_size = 1,

If it is not present, basically everything is white by default, and size 16 font, except headings.


  1. All images will be centered
  2. Images have extra syntax: ![w,h](image.png) will result in an image scaled to those provided dimensions in pixels.
  3. Nesting is not supported at this time (such as headings inside block quotes)
  4. ``` are supported, but they must begin a line to count.
  5. Headings are not auto-bolded or auto underlined

Sample of tested and supported markdown:

# Level 1
## Level 2
### Level 3
#### Level 4
##### Level 5
###### Level 6

Paragraph 1 is a test paragaph, hopefully this is long enough to justify going to the next few lines.

This is another paragraph, should have worked.

int a = 5;
std::cout << a << std::endl;

**Bold Text**

*Italics Text*

***Bold and Italics***

> Block quote attempt

> Multiline, and multi paragraph
> Block Quote

1. Numbers will
3. Be Somewhat difficult
2. To support

- Unordered
- Lists
- Should be a breeze, hopefully
* Personally, 
* I think this should start a new 
* list set



Nested `code text` should be monospaced




See the output in the screenshot provided



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  • Really helpful, but would it be possible to remove the calls to minetest.log ?


    I realy like your mod (one of my own mods depends on it), but would it be possible to remove the calls to minetest.log you have in your code?

    They cause everyone who plays with my mod (and by extension with yours since mine depends on it) to get lots of log statements in their chats whenever they join the world.

    Thanks for providing this awesome mod :D


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