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Advanced Weapons

Adds a variety of advanced weapons.


Depends on modlib and tnt. Written by LMD aka appguru(eu). Licensed under the GPLv3.




-- override this, should return true if names are opponents
function adv_weapons.is_opponent(playername1, playername2)
    return playername1 ~= playername2


  • Mines
  • Landmines
    • Place them on full height blocks
    • Walking on them triggers explosion
    • Can be (un)buried by digging node below them
    • Buried landmines are harder to spot & can't be easily picked up
  • Special
  • Futuristic Grappling Hook
    • Throw to hook it somewhere
    • Creates Force Beam
    • Right-click ascent aid to (de)attach
    • Go forwards/backwards on the beam
  • Turrets
    • Gatlin Gun
    • Right-click turret base with gatlin barrel to arm
    • High reload rate, low damage & range
    • Turns slowly, so you can try dodging
    • Only attacks owners opponents
    • Destroying/digging the base destroys the turret
  • Whips temporarily cancelled as unfinished
    • High range, average damage
    • Causes bleeding & stunning (by chance)
    • Right-click to "capture" player
    • Drops their wielded item
    • Player can't attack while captured
    • Can be dragged around
    • Unleashed as soon as RMB is released
  • Many more!
  • Soon



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