For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Cellestial Game (cellestial_game)

Game of Life in three dimensions.


Written entirely by Lars Mueller aka LMD or appguru(eu). Code licensed under the MIT and GPLv3 licenses (see below). For media licenses see each mod's Readme.

Part of the Cellestial Series: cellestial, cellestiall and cellestial_game

Contains the following mods:

  • modlib: Basic modding utility library, MIT
  • cmdlib: Chatcommand library, MIT
  • hud_timers: HUD timer library, MIT
  • adv_chat: Advanced chat, GPLv3
  • cellestial: Provides 3D cellular automata, MIT
  • cellestiall: Makes the entire world consist out of cellular automata, MIT

Mods to be considered:

  • management: Server management, work in progress
  • worldedit: World editing, needs more restrictions



Do you recommend this game?

  • Poor defaults?

    Unlike classic game of life, the birth/death values make it quite difficult to get a reaction going. You get the option to tweak those values, but unless a first-time player's goal is to make a 3D version of the glider, these are going to disappoint.

    You have very long reach, which is delightful for this type of game. Placing is instant, but destroying takes some time: Any cell misplacements really feel aggravating.

    I'd recommend including some pre-filled map(gen?)s to show off what's possible.



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