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Generates a static online craftguide.


See this Minetest Game craftguide for an example.

Depends on modlib. Requires inventory images rendered using online_craftguide_csm to work (which are not copied automatically). Code written by Lars Mueller aka LMD or appguru(eu) and licensed under the MIT license. The Minetest logo is licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0 with credits going to erlehmann. Generated inventory images (files in the docs/images folder) are derived from Minetest Game and therefore CC BY-SA 3.0, with credits going to various contributors. Uses & embeds Bootstrap icons which are licensed under the MIT license, with credits going to mdo.


  • Responsive website using Bootstrap
  • Good layout & design
  • Search


  • Install modlib and this mod as well as the online_craftguide_csm
  • Join a game with the online_craftguide_csm and wait for the rendering to finish
  • Copy the online_craftguide_csm/images folder to your online_craftguide/docs/images folder
  • Start a game with the mod enabled - it will generate the website for you
  • Your online craftguide is now stored in your online_craftguide/docs folder



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