Runtime Strictness

Disallows questionable usage of the Lua API & Lua itself to help catch errors

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Runtime Strictness for Minetest Mods

Strictest consists of two components:

  • Lua strictness: Will disallow string indexing and string - number coercion.
  • Minetest strictness: Disallows usage of deprecated APIs & using entity-only or player-only methods on the wrong type of object.

Particularly useful when writing new mods that don't target older Minetest versions.


strictest.action can be set to either error or log:

  • error: Immediately throw an error on strictness violations.
  • log: Merely log the error (including a stacktrace).

Potentially partially redundant with the deprecated_lua_api_handling setting.


Install & enable strictest, then make sure to optionally depend on it in mod.conf.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Debug your mods!!!

    Extremely useful mod for modders which can point out usage of deprecated functions and other bad code usage better than Minetest itself. Everyone should have this mod enabled when writing a mod or game, similar to how everyone should run luacheck on their mods for static analysis.


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