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This mod adds different types of mobs to the caves of Minetest Game, if you are using the Living Caves mod. It also creates new sources for wool and strings in form of wool from yetis, strings from grubs and spider webs. You can also craft wool from moth cocoons. Breeding moths works this way: Moths lay eggs, if you feed them fruits. Grubs will give you strings, when you feed them specific bush leaves. For transforming an egg into a grub, you need a moth egg and 3 bush leaves. For transforming a grub into a cocoon, you need a grub and 3 bush leaves. To turn a cocoon into a moth, you need a cocoon and a stick.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • a just "splendid" mobs mod

    this mod adds vast amounts of entitys to your caves, including snakes, lizards, varius worms, yetis, and even "weird floaty thingys"! and if you are a perfectionist, and you think every mod should have nodes, this mod comes with several underground biomes to fit your every survival/gathering need! splendid, entertaining, and creative. great job!

  • beauty and scary

    cute and scary mobs

    do you know dfcaverns mod? is a nice mod but dont have creatures