Super Duper Walls!

This mod adds modular flexible walls to Minetest.


Download (939 KB)
For Minetest 5.7 and above

How do I install this?

The mod adds walls from various different base nodes like cobblestone or stone bricks. The walls automatically connect to all other walls created by SD Walls.

In addition to that wall pillars are automatically created where applicable.

  • At all corners
  • At all T-junctions
  • At all wall ends
  • If the wall stands alone
  • If the wall is surrounded by other walls

If a wall is not in one of the above positions nothing will happen to it and it remains as a wall.

If you want to use a pillar/wall where usually a wall/pillar would be placed just punch the wall while wielding a wall. The punched wall will then toggle between the pillar form and the wall form.

Please note: This toggled type will be updated according to the neighbors when placing a wall adjacent to the toggled wall and has to be re-set as wanted at no cost.

Crafting walls from the SD Walls mod is similar to crafting the regular walls except the top right node. An “uncrafting” recipe also exists.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Better walls!

    This mod provides significantly better walls than the ones found in MTG. As opposed to creating wall pillars on every node, it will adjust depending on the neighbouring nodes and create a more flush wall, similar to cobblestone walls found in Minecraft.