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  • Regular Grenade - Shoots out shards of metal that can kill players if they are too close to the detonation point
  • Smoke Grenade - Sprays a bunch of smoke around the detonation point. Which makes it hard to see in that area
  • Flashbang Grenade - Temporarily blinds any players that were looking at the detonation point



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  • good but more content is needed

    suggestions jumpnade (ctf-like ) tornade (spins whoever it hits into a tornado which sends then spining and flying through the air in random direction ) blackholenade (ctf-like ) weight-nade attaches weight to a person so they cannot jump

    scatternade variant of each of those (scatters multiple smaller nades when hit that have weaker effects like only jumping on slaps with weightnade or only pulling the player to center with blackholenade

    tactical nade : lower damge but quickly able to throw and longer distances nake ( like a nuke but gives everyone in range radiation poisoning + destroys blocks ) bomb-o-nade version of each of those that damages blocks like weightnade version might collabse structures without much support blackhole nade might pull in some blocks and scatter nades might replace blocks with weaker variants of them