Adds lava armor, tools, and blocks


  • lavastuff.burn_drops("tool:itemstring") - Cooks all of the nodes that tool:itemstring digs
  • lavastuff.enable_tool_fire - Enable/Disable the lava tool fire feature
  • lavastuff.blacklisted_items - Prevent lava tools from smelting certain nodes. See code for how to add an item to the list
  • lavastuff.cook_limit - Prevent lava tools from smelting dug nodes if cooktime is too high
  • lavastuff.tool_fire_func - The function used by lavastuff tools to place fire

Game support

  • Minetest Game - 100% support
  • MineClone2 - (Some features are lost)

Language support

  • Spanish - (Thanks to runs & xenonca)
  • French - (Thanks to Brian Gaucher and louisroyer)
  • German - (Thanks to xenonca)
  • Italian - (Thanks to xenonca)

Special Features

  • Tool Fire - Lights flammable nodes on fire when rightclicked. If node has set on_ignite then that function will be run instead of the fire being placed
  • Autosmelt - All nodes dug with a lava tool will be automatically smelted before being added to your inventory
  • Buurn - If the fire_plus mod is enabled players will catch on fire when hit with a lava tool

Most features can be disabled. If I don't have a setting to disable something you want to disable: Just ask!



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