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Adds lava armor, tools, and blocks


  • lavastuff.burn_drops("tool:itemstring") - Cooks all of the nodes that tool:itemstring digs
  • lavastuff.enable_tool_fire - Enable/Disable the lava tool fire feature
  • lavastuff.blacklisted_items - Prevent lava tools from smelting certain nodes. See code for how to add an item to the list
  • lavastuff.cook_limit - Prevent lava tools from smelting dug nodes if cooktime is too high
  • lavastuff.tool_fire_func - The function used by lavastuff tools to place fire

Game support

  • Minetest Game - 100% support
  • MineClone2 - (Some features are lost)

Language support

  • Spanish - (Thanks to runs & xenonca)
  • French - (Thanks to Brian Gaucher and louisroyer)
  • German - (Thanks to xenonca)
  • Italian - (Thanks to xenonca)

Special Features

  • Tool Fire - Lights flammable nodes on fire when rightclicked. If node has set on_ignite then that function will be run instead of the fire being placed
  • Autosmelt - All nodes dug with a lava tool will be automatically smelted before being added to your inventory
  • Buurn - If the fire_plus mod is enabled players will catch on fire when hit with a lava tool

Most features can be disabled. If I don't have a setting to disable something you want to disable: Just ask!



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good mod and API!

    Makes it very useful if you don't want to use the furnace as well as mining faster.
    The API looks very well-built and documented as well.

  • A nice mod if you need more uses for lava

    The lava ingots can be used for all sorts of recipes in other mods, providing a great use for lava; as noted, stuff dug with lava tools is put in your inventory as the smelted item (digging cobble, for example, yields stone), and lava tools can light players/nodes on fire (seems a little OP, but definitely realistic :)), so the tools actually serve a purpose!

    I have experimented with setups to farm lava ingots the fastest and have settled on one that uses pipeworks: 4 advanced vacuuming tube segments with max range (8) are put on the sides of an autocrafter which is configured to craft lava orbs and is sitting in a lava lake. You will only need to fill the autocrafter with maybe a few stacks of mese crystals, and then fill your inventory with random items. The trick is to have your inventory full, so the buckets drop after collecting the lava, which are then vacuumed and processed by the autocrafter. The empty buckets are then found in the output slots of the autocrafter, so you can do it over again. After you've gathered all the lava you can in that spot, you can move to a new lava lake.

  • Nice

    Nice. The lava stuff is cool honnestly. Lot of languages supports, game support, that's great.

    Good API too.

    I recommend.

  • The lavastuff's as better cool armor and tools to handle rather diamonds or mitril

    For most players.. the best (due is most common on all minetest forks and related games) armor is the Diamond one...

    The lavastuff mod does not provide a "most powerfully" or "best hard to break" one, it just added two simple but great things:

    1. Lava armors, tools and stuffs one each action will cook, or fired the target! quick and very helpfull!
    2. Lava armos, tools and stuffs are almost as so durable as Diamond ones.. but with nice red coloring

    This two reasons are enought for! no more lines to said!


    NOTE and also i recently send backguard compatibility for all minetest version since 0.4.15 so it's a great mod to use!

  • Fantastic mod, 10/10 would recommend as an unbiased user

    Also supports more than just MTG


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