It adds various types of money, exchange table, Dispensing Machines, ATMs in stores.

Building Commerce / Economy Crafting Multiplayer-focused

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For Minetest 5.7 and above

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📦 Itens adicionados:

💰 Types of Moneys:

Types Amount
Minercoin 01 minercash. (9^0 M$)
Minermoney Blue 09 minercash. (9^1 M$)
Minermoney Green 81 minercash. (9^2 M$)
Minermoney Yellow 729 minercash. (9^3 M$)
Minermoney Orange 6,561 minercash. (9^4 M$)
Minermoney Red 59,049 minercash. (9^5 M$)
Minermoney Black 531,441 minercash. (9^6 M$)

🏦 Bank Items:

Items Descryption
Public ATM Save your minercash (money type) in the ATM, and withdraw your minercash in other ATM in the shops scattered around the map.
Credit Card Transfers between bank accounts, issuing a bank transfer receipt.

🏙️ Store Items:

Items Descryption
Exchange Table (P2P) It makes safe exchanges from player to player without the need to put your items on the ground.
Dispensing Machine Sells your items, even if you are not online.


Mod Name Dependency Type Descryption
default Mandatory Minetest Game Included.
dye Mandatory Minetest Game Included.
intllib Optional Facilitates the translation of this mod into your native language, or other languages.
correio Optional Issues a letter to the owner of the Dispensing Machine when the machine needs the owner's intervention.


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See more details in wiki:

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  • Stable Versions : There are several versions in different stages of completion. Usually recommended for servers because they are more secure.

  • Git Repository : It is the version currently under construction. There may be some stability if used on servers. It is only recommended for testers and mod developers.

Translate this mod to Your Language:

See more details in file: locale/README.md


In minetest.conf file:

You don't need to do any of these presets mentioned below to make this mod work. But it's worth knowing the configuration values ​​in case you want to directly change the minetest.conf file.

Settings Descryption
minertrade.debug = <boolean> If show debug info of this mod. Only util to developers. Default: false.
minertrade.save_compressed = <boolean> If enabled will save database bank in file '.db64', else in file '.tbl'. Default: true.
minertrade.bank.max_statements = <number> Specifies the amount statement records to each player in databade bank. Default: 30; Min: 1, Max: 300.
minertrade.salary.enabled = <boolean> Allows for daily distribution of Salary. Default: true.
minertrade.salary.value = <number> Specifies the amount of salary paid daily. Default: 1.
minertrade.salary.intervalcheck = <number> Specifies how many seconds the salary will be checked who still has to receive. Values below 5 can cause server lag. Default: 60.



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  • Excellent,I really like this mod

    Excellent ,I really like this mod, it has a system full of options for players, very good for servers, without a doubt a great job, thank you very much Lunovox 😁👍