The best game for Minetest. A survival game with new depth, mechanics, biomes, mobs and many essential additions. Has a focus on being fun, user-friendly, stable, and minimalist but featured.

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The best game for Minetest. A survival game with new depth, mechanics, biomes, mobs and many essential additions. Has a focus on being fun, user-friendly, stable, and minimalist but featured. Join our cause:

Currently, this game is stable and has been debugged on an online server environment with many players. There is active development so new bugs may come and go.

Minetest Engine Compatability

Minetest engine version 5.2.0 or greater is currently recommended to run this game. Minetest engine version 5.1.1 is compatabile but not all mods and function completely.

Credits and Acknowledgements

This game has been primary designed and developed by Komodo (Jeremy Weston). A special thanks goes out to everyone who has contributed to this project, mods, and the awesome MeseCraft community. Also, to the Minetest community, core developers, and modders. This game was built using the Minetest game engine, minetest_game, and the mods of many others.





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  • the best freely available Mtg-based experience

    This game is what those who play minetest game with disappointment actually want. it has a focus on exploring tons of unique areas throughout the world, most of which come with unique challenges in the form of mobs, hostile environments, and some unique dangers thrown in. It has a nice balance between stat watching for survival and leaving time to explore. if someone wants a good minetestgame-based game to host on a server, this should be their go-to.

  • I agree with the description!

    It is the best game! The mobs are meaningfully challenging and the progression is rewarding. There are interesting settings to find and explore.

    However, I don't see a tutorial or a user manual or documentation, so there are some things you should know before you start:

    Thirst. You will become thirsty in this game. You can refill your hydration by standing still in water. Craft a canteen as soon as possible!

    Pine trees. You can't make charcoal with pine trees, so if you start in a pine forest, look for another biome ASAP.

    Torches burn out. You can re-light them by using flint and steel on them. This incentivizes making jack-o-lanterns early, but it's a big change to not be able to use torches to make permanent markers or make a cave permanently safe. Be aware!

    When I figure out why my crops aren't growing, I'll update this review with that helpful hint as well. I'm sure it's something simple I'm doing wrong, but the soil is watered and there is sufficient light... EDIT: The crops aren't growing because the Mesecons conf file sets the farming stage time to 1 hr 40 min (6000 seconds) for some reason. The forum says that this works well on a server, but I'm playing single player so the crops just never grow. Recommendation: If you are playing single player, decrease the farming_stage_length variable in games/mesecraft/minetest.conf.

    This may be a spoiler if there's an in-game explanation, but I haven't found one yet: Nether portals are ignited with Mese crystals, not flint and steel.

  • It is good, but suffers from "mod soup"

    It is like most games based on default, but higher quality than most. You get the usual, default, Mesecons, mobs_redo. And it works. I imagine it is far better for servers because that is what it is tuned for. You can absolutely play this and have fun. And, I have to say, it is better than Mineclone2 at taking advantage of the sheer power of the Minetest engine. Why does my review sound lackluster then? Because I'd rather have my own soup if I am having soup. I'd just mod MTG to include everything I like from here, and remove the rest. But, if you don't know what you want yet, just try this first. It has most of the really good mods.

  • Not the best, but not the worst

    It's very difficult in ways that aren't fun. (Torches leave smoke that must be vented, they also burn out after a random amount of ticks. Yes i'm aware of alternative light sources, no, noone played for long enough to get them bc torches were too hard to be fun)

    It's very laggy (hundreds of ABM warnings per second for the whole month I ran it on a multiplayer server). This especially showed up when lava, water or even just a lot of torches or walked-on blocks are loaded server-side. Underground waterfalls crashed the server at least two times (that I was aware of).

    However, it's mobs are really good, and the general selection of other mods isn't bad. There's a good variety of things to do.

    Any other concerns I had about it (TONS of them, btw) are attributable to major breaking changes made - which were excusible because it was "alpha" at the time. If my server requests this game again (and they likely won't, they described it as "overhyped"), I may be more critical in the future of breaking changes (like end chests dissapearing and portals breaking)

    Side note1: (removed - it seems to have been inaccurate)

    Side note2: "minimalist but featured." This is the 2nd largest (in terms of number of mods) minetest Game. Not sure it qualifies as minimalist.

  • Good, but needs work.

    • Great decorative elements that enable amazing builds without creating lag.
    • Mostly fair build protection&permission system that comes with a material cost, this allows for builds without the fear of being griefed
    • Hunger/Thirst management that doesn't feel too overwhelming
    • The best underground exploration available, punishing but mostly fair.

    Overall I recommend it, it's my go-to game built on the MineTest Engine but there's still many problems as of 2023-10-07.

    1. Liquids cause massive lag.
    2. Markets (One of the things that made multiplayer MeseCraft fantastic) still seems to be broken.
    3. Only some food items are affected by the diet system, making them comparatively undesireable.
    4. Only some equipment is affected by the tool rank system, making them comparatively desireable.
    5. Many materials serve little to no purpose. (Silver, Brass, Flint, Clay, Tin, Iron, Gun Powder)
    6. Some storage options are arbitrarily smaller than others (Rune Chest, Crate)
    7. Some recipes are broken (usually involving buckets of liquids)
    8. Rarely items will just disappear from your inventory.
    9. Chests found in abandoned Mineshafts are always empty.
    10. Most of the non-aggressive mobs seem both rare and underwhelming.
  • From a years-long dedicated Minecrafter, up until the last few years

    So much of what a Minecrafter would hope on to be added/improved on in their game, is here on MeseCraft. MeseCraft has surpassed Minecraft in ALL the important parts of a blocky-survival game. With many details having a purpose.

    • Is and a continued improvement of having a good amount of both being a hard survival challenge, to still being fun.
    • A good balance for both players wanting tech and fantasy/magic. That is carefully decided on what would be fitting and not be feeling like "a mod just throw in" the game.
    • A thought out balanced distance of biomes both underground and aboveground. Having a planetary system and various underground biomes that are unique from each other with different levels of challenge, mystery, and puzzles to solve.
  • Authentic, built with passion, and shows the power of dedicated developers.

    If I want to recommend a voxel survival-sandbox game to somebody and some of minecraft's mechanics and recent feature updates aren't quite their style, I often turn to this, and It's no puzzle as to why. Both Mesecraft and Minetest feel like they are crafted with love, the work put into them is very clean and optimized, and everything just complements each other.

    On top of that, the developers behind this and minetest are seriously talented. The terrain generation system is nothing short of impressive, all of the various postfx effects you can enable work great with only a moderate performance impact at most, and rendering is so lightning quick that i don't even notice it most of the time - and all this has been my experience on a rather cheap HP 15 Notebook laptop from 2015!

    There is nothing i can criticize in Minetest and Mesecraft. The most I have ever found is some bugs to submit in a bug report, and I will gladly take the time to contribute in any way i can for this lovingly, masterfully made software. I wish the best life to these developers, they've earned it.

    p.s: To be brutally honest, i'd remove "mesecraft is the best" in the description. It speaks that for itself in ways beyond words, let it do so ^_^

  • The most fun I've had with a Minetest game

    I am rather new to Minetest, and this is the game that I enjoy most for now. I found many interesting things at the early game:

    • Smoke: Torches, lava and furnaces emit smoke that generally moves up if it can, and you cannot breathe inside the smoke. This forces you to think about ventilation when building, and conditions your designs (in a good way). I wish there were more features like this that force you to build for some purpose.
    • Thirst, hunger and "diet": Mobs can kill you, yes, but also hunger and thirst. You need to have reliable sources for food and water. You need one canteen (or more) to carry water. Also, you cannot eat the same type of food regularly because it stops filling you up. That adds variety, it forces you to cultivate different things and/or tame different animals.
    • Temporary torches: Torches are temporary. Once you put a torch on a wall or floor or wherever, it only lasts for some minutes (they burn out). At the same time, when you carry a torch it emits light. Even if this might seem difficult, it is fun. Light becomes another resource (same as food or water). You need to find other more stable sources of light (oil lamps or candles) but they are dimmer and at the beginning it is not trivial to build them. This forces you to explore and obtain some resources just to have a stable source of light at your first base.

    Some say that these increase the difficulty curve, but I'd say that these add some interest and variety. Standard Minetest games just start as "dig as down as possible as fast as you can". For the late game, there is space (where you cannot breath), cloudlands, nether...

    Of course it suffers from the "mod soup": Some things are inconsistent and unbalanced. However, the community is really friendly and the developers (which is only one developer) is attentive and tries to iron things out.

    And again, for a Minetest beginner that does not have a favourite combination of mods, this game is very good.

  • Amazing game!

    It's well featured and feels great to play. It's not complete, but without doubt is great as it is today

  • good mod <3

    i'm new to minetest and some of the things i say may be not fair cus of it. and I only played on single player. these are from someone who played minecraft 1.12.2 for many years.

    1. you guys need a discord place for players to vote about features they want and the features they don't. i couldn't find any discord place. for start, it's really annoying for torches to have smokes (in my experience), you can not see anything in small caves and even in your own house cus of smoke. make a place for voting for it's removal or enhancement (add a crafting recepi for torches that makes it smokeless and more durable, MAYBE)

    2. liquids are behave wierdly and you can not see through when you are under water in caves, they moving around, up and down and they are not like a solid blocks, (i really like the solidness of water in minecraft)

    3. the game is pitch black when there is no light source and lighting system in general is broken and laggy (when you have miner's helmet the light goes off when you moving) it's sad that you have so many mind blowing underground biomes in the game, but you are not able to see them clearly.

    i prefer the game to be NOT realistic, it's a cubic game, instead of computation powers that's going to waste on making the game more realistic you can focus it on automation stuff

    sorry i only mentioned the down points :). i really enjoing the variety of mobs and they system

    btw i'am new in the community and i think most of the points i made wasn't this mod's faults, minetest engine need's a big rework. but ovelall it's a good mod/game, keep it up <3

  • Very good, despite some clear oddities.

    This is a very good modpack-like experience overall, and has features for most players. There are, however, a few oddities with stuff that seems in-progress or deprecated. For example, the "moon" area is completely missing, and the "mars" area is just a normal desert (I think there was a unique skybox once, but it does not show up). Along with this, the Villager/Settler behavior seems broken, with the game telling you that "This mob is not tamed". Although I personally disable these settlers when playing, this is rather odd nontheless.

  • Really best game

    I have nothing to say, it's really has good gameplay. But I found one issue: there because unknown items because technic is not included. My recommendations: there is no background music, so it's should be added, and some portable chest

  • A good game and machine - perhaps?

    After playing this game for a while, I'd say that it's one of the good ones out there. It's recommended if you're into survival and adventure genre. It offers not-so-complicated, yet not-so-simple ways to make things. Unfortunately, it's lacking natural method of creating. Capacity of some tools are infinite, such as candle. It's probably based on the minetest_game. I guess that it contains a set of extending features, though i must admit that it's better to have a set of minimal features. The complete specification of the game wasn't published.

    At the time of this writting, the performance's good when it's running on a medium computer (say, 4GB RAM and CPU 1.5 GHz). Crash of the minetest engine has never occured, though the software didn't reponse for a while.

    Texture's the best one (compared to others), though i don't like cube graphics. (the animation is weird because of the machine, as most games' are. It's a little disapointed).

    In-game documentation is sound and good, but i advise you to explore in the game for yourself. You should know some information of minetest in the minetest wiki. (when you know something, it isn't interesting any more :))

    For now, number of mods are increasing. Wonders if you can make game for minetest engine without mods? There're many limitations of the minetest engine. Despite the limitations and flaws in the design, you can play with this engine and game.

  • The Best Game

    MeseCraft is the BEST Minetest game. It have lots of content for every type of player. There is a MeseCraft page: Everyone that reads this comment, please, suscribe to this page and you can help to the MeseCraft development. And for MeseCraft developing team, Keep the good work!

  • Not easy, but I like it that way!

    This is the best game in Minetest, hands down. It's true, the mobs are out to kill you. Hello friendly kangaroo, ooh, not so friendly are you? There is no teleportation. Get used to hiking everywhere and exploring the vast world. Find a volcano or a giant tree or a city in the floating mountains. Offline this game is great, but the online community makes this game the best. The markets allows player to player trading. The admin is active and the forum has a lot of useful info also. 5/5 stars!

  • It'd be great if interacting with traders didn't add permanent HUD elements

    Basically the title. the game is great, but once you interact with a trader, enjoy having "TRADER LENNY" or "TRADER TOM" on your screen permanently from that moment onwards.

  • MTG again

    another default mod based game



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