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An object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. In this simple puzzle game, choose your direction by the direction you look, and then press space to go. Climb through the void to your ship by solving each puzzle.

Use /go <level_number> to teleport to levels you have already unlocked.

Use [E] to restart a level.

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  • Simple, short and enjoyable puzzles


    I recommend it! The game is very short and could use some polishing as well, but overall I can still recommend it. I did have fun figuring out the puzzles and the game is stable. Just because it's short doesn't make it bad.


    The concept is simple: You just move until you bump, or into one of these "grid nodes". I'm glad there is another node type added, and not just the solid one.

    The puzzles are fun and and interesting. This is one of the game in which you have to think first, and then do something, or else you fly off into space and regret your decision. :D But this isn't annoying, you can always insta-reset.

    It's a bit surprising that all levels are mushed together, in one big map. Normally, in games like these, levels are clearly separated. But I think this is fine. When you fail, you get teleported the the start of the level, not of the entire game. There is no level selection but that doesn't really matter as it's only 7 levels. That's really the only real downside of the game: It's over before it has really begun. :(


    Graphics-wise, I feel this is a bit TOO simple. There's just 3 nodes with no variation. There was also no decoration besides the skybox. This isn't really a problem tho, but graphics-wise, it had more porential. What annoyed me a bit were the grid nodes. It is not easy to distinguish between a grid node, and empty space between two grid nodes. The empty node looks like a grid node as well. These grid nodes definitely could've seen a graphical improvement because currently, it's kinda confusing. If you fly off into space (and fail), you just insta-teleport back to the level start, with no graphical effect at all. :( Overall, the minimalist graphics are pretty OK tho, although not great. Exception: Level 7. Here the flat color 100% makes sense and is pretty clever.

    (text continues in the comments ...)

  • An immersive puzzle floating in space

    Considering this is an entry for a jam done in 3 weeks, that's simply amazing. Puzzles are well planned (chapeau!), the difficulty scales smoothly (the last two levels were a bit frustrating, but in a positive way) and the author hasn't fallen into the trap of turning it into a rage game just to make it more difficult close to the end. It kept me there playing, I wanted to see the end: that's not something you take for granted in so little development time.

    The music: so simple, yet so immersive. Those static noises added alongside the bgm are the cherry on top. I'm literally writing this review with the main menu music still playing, it's relaxing and it perfectly transmits the idea of being lost in space, floating around. Which is everything you do in the game, so it's coherent.

    Graphics: nodes are pure white, but I really don't care. Their candor fits with the theme, where the shapes resembling snowflakes gently scattered through the tiny part of space being your friend help creating a light atmosphere. Also, it creates a terrifying constrast with the emptiness of what's around you, portraying a liminal space that scares you, yet makes you feel somehow fine - you can still reset, can't you? White particles suggesting you where you're gonna end are also a nice touch.

    Last but not least, the author has curated the main menu, displaying a great economics of assets (music and background are the same assets you encounter in game).

    I genuinely don't have any critique: highly suggested, congratulations to the author

  • However, not enough scenery/immersiveness

    An interesting puzzle game, but in my opinion, it's lacking a lot of details which would make solving the puzzle more enjoyable, like scenery and more custom items/textures which make puzzles perhaps a bit more challenging.

    For what it's worth though, I love your games and can see this turning into something very good, hence why I struggled to put a no vote on this. I will be sure to update this review after the game jam when/if things are improved!

    EDIT: I've decided to change from -1 to +1 for this mod, because there's really no reason why I wouldn't reccomend this game: the puzzles are interesting and creative. My criticism still applies, but after getting a better idea for how the ratings work, it doesn't make sense for me to have a no vote here.

  • Rewarding puzzle solver

    Simplicity and variety of levels convinced me this is a good addition to the Game Jam of this year. Its gameplay is rewarding and well adapted to the interstellar space theme, while always being unforgiving to most errors. The atmosphere is relaxing, but I feel pushed forward by being allowed to see the levels ahead.

    In level 5, when the structure nodes are introduced, a section is misleading you into thinking you'll be safe, leading you to the void instead, but I guess it's fine. The concept and textures might be considered basic by some, however I think it doesn't hurt the experience much. I didn't really find anything else to report on the negative side. :)

    A great zen puzzle game to lose yourself into for a while, I can recommend it.

  • Very original, but gets boring after a while

    I really like the idea, but I feel like there could've been more variety to the levels, as the game got quite boring for me by the time I reached the wireframe nodes (or whatever they're called)

    XRS Rating:
    Visuals: 6/10
    Gameplay: 7/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Adherence to theme: 5/10
    Total: 8/10

  • Very fun!

    OVERVIEW - Slide Space Once again, MisterE has probably made my favourite game jam submission. This game is really satisfying, and is a mind-boggler. This game is very fun, and makes you want to come back for more. Once again, great job MisterE!


    1 - Not a fan 2 - Meh 3 - Okay 4 - Good 5 - Love it!

    GAMEPLAY - 5

    GRAPHICS - 5



    SOUNDS & MUSIC - 5

    THEME - 3

    TOTAL - 27/30 (Love it!)

  • Solid Puzzle Game - Solid Atmosphere

    This is Fun!

    You will likely finish in one sitting, but:

    1. It's worth it!
    2. It's free (helps make it worth it;)

    Not many better ways to spend an evening playing a videogame.

    For those curious:

    It's a space-based 3d-puzzle-game where you move along one of the 3 axis (X,Y,Z) to slam into a block so you don't fly into space, trying to get from start to end of each puzzle.

  • Reminds me of those old flash games, but with a high-quality engine.

    The UI/UX is very well thought out.

    I really enjoyed the ending, the whole concept suddenly clicked. Completed it in a day.

    I'd recommend adding a level editor or some other way for people to share puzzles.



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