REFI Textures

16px - Attempts to recapture the aesthetic of Minecraft, while improving upon visibility.


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For Minetest 5.3 and above

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A 16px texture pack.
These textures were created from scratch in an attempt to recapture the aesthetic of Minecraft, while improving upon visibility. This version is fully usable in Minetest Game, Mineclonia, MineClone2 up to v0.80, and more.

The 'textures' sub-folder holds the supported textures for Minetest Game, MineClone2, and Mineclonia.

Also included in this package is the following:

  • Partial support for the game, SkyFactory.
    • bonemeal
    • elepower
    • farming(_redo)
    • fromscratch
    • melterns
    • protector
  • Partial support for the mods used by mcimport in converted worlds.
    • basic_materials
    • bedrock
    • crops
    • flowerpot
    • hardenedclay
    • lapis
    • mesecons
    • nether
    • quartz
    • signs_lib
    • vines
    • xdecor
  • Some templates for character skin creation.
  • Some Minetest menu textures.
  • Support for a few Minetest Game mods.
    • 3d_armor
    • bakedclay
    • bees
    • caverealms
    • digilines
    • elevators
    • hbhunger
    • mobs_redo
    • new_fireworks
    • pipeworks
    • shop
    • simple_robots
    • stamina
    • thirsty
  • Miscellaneous Goodies.
  • Alternate textures moved to their own folder.



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • Good alternative to default textures, but not perfect

    you see, there're MANY color problems (like green dandelions, blue steel, etc) and it has too much green and blue colors

    currently most of them fixed, but not everything (btw, i'm trying to fix it in my PR for this texture pack)

    it isn't so mine¢raft-alike: colors mostly don't match with MC ones, forms of items (e.g. carrot, apple, ingot, meat textures, etc) are illogical and not MC-alike, but aesthetic is mostly here

    after tweaking this TP a bit by manual recoloring and replacing some textures with _alt ones (for example: netherrack, water texture...) it looks nice and can be used as a really good alternative to default MCL (PixelPerfection) or default MTG textures

    but if you dunno how/are too lazy to do this and recently switched from mine¢raft to minetest/mineclone - don't use refi, use mtg4mcl or alt_tp

    my rating for this texture pack is:

    • 6/10 for unchanged vanilla REFI
    • 8/10 for tweaked and a bit recolored REFI
  • Mixed feelings

    I looks good, but it also looks off. If Minecraft is Coca-Cola, this is Pepsi. But not normal Pepsi, maybe like cherry or sugar free. It is noticeably weird. It colors some things funky. Like dirt being kind-of green. But, it tends to have nice palette sizes for stuff, and supports a large number of big mods.

  • Good texture pack, but some textures look really odd

    I like many of the textures it has, but the biggest problem i have with it is the flowers. The colours are strange and it's very odd to see a flower that's supposed to be yellow have a greenish tint to it. I would recomend tweaking these colours to be a bit more closer to the original colours

  • Well-made Minecrafty Texture Pack

    Very well-made Minecrafty texture pack that indeed catches the Minecraft aesthetics, to the point it rather looks like a Minecraft resource pack. Fits especially well into the Mineclon* games, I would even go out on a limb to say it is better than the default Pixel Perfect textures in those games.

  • Ресурс пак

    Отличный пакет ресурсов для строительства!

  • Ugly graphics

    I didn't like the graphics and got to thinking that it doesn't look like Minecraft at all and it got uglier than it already was.