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How do I install this?

You can put fruits in the fruit press and either fill a cup or bottle with juice, which you can consume, or fill a bucket that you can use to transport larger amounts of liquids around. If you place the juice press on top of the liquid barrel/silo and put papyrus in the output slot the juice will go directly into the barrel/silo.

You can watch an overview video of the mod on Youtube.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good for RP and Decoration

    Not that good for survival because most drinks satiate the same as blueberries and take twice the inventory space (one for full glass bottles and one for empty ones) But still this mod is very well made, the models and textures are good, the bamboo trick is nice too, the models are great and now you can "eat" cactuces. If you want more food items just for the sake of it i recommend this mod.