Mese Glass

This mod adds a yellow glass block and a star block and several other tools.

Work in Progress Building Player vs Environment (PvE) Player vs Player (PvP) Survival

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How do I install this?

A yellowglassblockmod for minetest, adds a meseglass and a bluestarblock and several new items,



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  • This got me thinking

    If there is meseglass and a blue star, then correspondingly we need a RED star, and something opposing mese, too. Though I wonder what the latter is...

  • "Stuff" mod #3467982

    What this mod adds is a single material, with ore and tool tiers. The tools have nothing special about them, it's just another tier. And while you can use the material to craft a node with a star on it, the texture of it is not particularly appealing. It's a pretty typical "stuff" mod that just adds new materials for the sake of it with little to no rhyme or reason to it.