Wet Mud

Hydrates farmland without using water directly

Plants and Farming Survival

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

The wet mud is a replacement for water to hydrate your farmland. This is particularly useful in multiplayer servers where water could be used to grief other players by placing water outside protected areas - the water being capable of breaking various types of nodes/items. This is why some servers (like SkyBlock by Telesight) don't have water.

Without hydration crops can't grow past stage 1, so this simple mod enables proper farming without water.

How to get

  • from the creative inventory
  • crafting it by combining dirt with a bucket of water (regular or river water)
  • giving it to yourself via command; you first need the "give" privilege: /grantme give
  • after you grant yourself that privilege, use this command: /giveme wetmud:wetmud
  • if you want more than one, specify a number: /giveme wetmud:wetmud 10



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Dont worry anymore about spilling water

    You can craft a stack and not have to worry about going back and forth to get water when making a farm. Its useful if you want to make floating farms with no base underneath the layer of earth or if you are using one of those mods that gives earth gravity and want to put it underneath the earth. Would be nice if it was compatible with wooden buckets but it still is an amazing and simple mod