Tools Using the Node Damage and Repair System

Overrides pre-existing tools to make them cause persistent node damage.

API / Library Tools / Weapons / Armor World Maintenance and Tools

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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

This is a mod that takes the node_damage API and applies it to every item in the game, effectively replacing the usual digging interactions. The actual digging times should be about the same, but you get long-lasting node damage, which must be manually repaired or replaced if something important (like a house wall) gets damaged.

To help in repairing, you can make a variety of "mallets" with support from a wide variety of mods that add ores. Mallets work like any usual tool, except instead of breaking blocks, they repair them. However, mallets also need you to have glue in your inventory to work. This mod can either add its own glue or rely on Mesecon's glue if it exists, and each piece of glue allows to 9 repairs to be done.

An api.txt file is provided if you wish to work with this system or make new mallets in your own mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • fun but a bit crashy

    crashes with basically every interactable item like chests not to mention it crashes by its own with mesecons pipeworks or techage

  • Interesting gameplay change, crashes with fire and TNT

    This changes how Minetest works in an interesting way. I suggest to try it out!

    I found the following issues with Minetest Game that show that this mod needs work:

    • Fallback hand digging is not supported – players can not dig dirt when holding a pickaxe.
    • Damaging plantlike nodes looks weird.
    • Exploding TNT crashes the game.
    • Digging fire crashes the game.