Research N' Duplicate

Obtain and research enough of a specific item to unlock the ability to infinitely duplicate it.

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For Minetest 5.2 and above

How do I install this?

Inspired directly by Terraria's recent 1.4 update, this mod offers an "earned creative" mode to survival players. When active, you can use a specific amount of an item for research. Once an item is fully researched, it is permanently unlocked in the duplication menu, letting you create an infinite amount of that item.

You can choose how to fill out your duplication menu and only see types of items you actually use, but more importantly, you have to play the game in a somewhat normal fasion in order to unlock duplication. There'll be a lot less grinding, but rare materials will still be rare and difficult to research. The overall goal is to create gameplay where you can create impressive builds with relative ease, but there's still a big reason to interact with the game's other features, like exploring and fighting. In turn, those goals may naturally lead to situations where you wish to make a practical super-contraption with whichever dupes you've unlocked so far.

As long as sfinv is active, "Research" and "Duplicate" tabs will appear in your survival inventory. Otherwise, those menus can be shown using the /research and /duplicate commands, respectively.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • This is a great QoL mod

    This has been a complete time saver when building on my server. The only issue is that it doesn't work well with Unified Inventory as it offsets to where it's hard to see the borders of the R&D screen.

  • Good alternative to the grind

    Depending on your playstyle/world, this can drastically change the way gameplay is enjoyed. It works well!

  • Loved it

    I was just damn amazed on using this mod it is reallly amazing.Thanks to this modd farming,combating and mining is easier than before