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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

It's the ultimate screwdriver. You'll never need another screwdriver.


  • The only screwdriver (as far as I know) capable of rotating all 8 rotation types.
  • Multiple operation modes, including copy and paste.
  • Soft sounds (no more sonic-boom screwdriver).
  • Unlimited uses (by default, can be changed with a setting).


The omnidriver has four different modes of operation, the first three work similar to each other, while the last one works a bit different.

  • Hold the sneak key (default Shift) and left-click to cycle between modes.

Single-axis rotation types

Because of their simplicity, the behavior for rotating 4dir, color4dir, degrotate and colordegrotate are the same between all three rotation modes:

  • Left-click or right-click to rotate clockwise (as viewed from above).
  • Hold the special key (default E) to reverse direction.
  • For degrotate only, right-click allows for more precise rotation.

1 - Rotate Vertical / Rotate Horizontal

This is the simplest mode to use, and the most reliable.

  • Left-click to rotate clockwise (as viewed from above).
  • Right-click to rotate towards yourself (think of a wheel rolling towards you).
  • Hold the special key (default E) to reverse direction.

2 - Push Edge / Rotate Pointed

This mode will be familiar to anyone that has used the rhotator or screwdriver2 mods, as it functions identically. It rotates based on what part of the node you are looking at.

  • Left-click to "push" the edge you are looking at away from you.
  • Right-click to rotate the face you are looking at clockwise.
  • Hold the special key (default E) to reverse direction.

3 - Rotate Face / Rotate Axis

This mode is identical to the default screwdriver in Minetest Game.

  • Left-click to rotate to a different face.
  • Right-click to rotate around the node's local "up" axis.
  • Hold the special key (default E) to reverse direction.

4 - Paste / Copy

This mode is used to copy rotation values between nodes. It only works to copy between "compatible" rotation types (for example, it can copy from facedir to colorfacedir, but not from facedir to degrotate)

  • Left-click to paste a stored rotation to the target node.
  • Right-click to copy the rotation of the target node.
  • Hold the special key (default E) to copy or paste a secondary rotation.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Best screwdriver mod

    As somebody that never really figured out how the screwdriver in Minetest game really works I can say that this is easily my favorite screwdriver mod. It has all the features anybody could want, degrotate and copy/paste are gigantic advantages. The ability to easily set the amount of uses is a nice bonus too.

  • Never using the default screwdriver again!

    Much simpler, yet has more functionality, than the default Minetest screwdriver. The basic Single-Axis rotation mode is so much easier and less confusing to use than the default Rotate Face/Rotate Axis. The Copy/Paste feature means that, in many cases, I no longer have to use the Copier, and the controls are absurdly straightforward. It's safe to say this will be the only screwdriver I use from now on!