a spreading mushroom biome which you can spawn into the world, with its own monsters and a boss you need to slay to stop the biome's growth. Best played with bow & armor mod and after reading manual.

Fear / Horror Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Mobs / Animals / NPCs Player vs Environment (PvE)

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pilzmod is a minetest mod that adds a spreading spawnable mushroom biome into the game, overgrown with myzelium and filled with giant versions of the mushroom we all know from minetest game, their smaller cousins, and eight new types of small mushroom, as well as monsters and a boss.

As opposed to „normal“ minetest biomes, mushroom biomes don‘t generate naturally into the world. Instead, you must craft a myzelium block, place it, and watch the mushroom biome slowly spread from it, gradually consuming the world and turning it into a mushroom hell. The only way of stopping it is to find a mushroom boss – a entity you probably won‘t find until the biome reached considerable size – and get the antidote from it, which you can use to seal off the mushroom biome and stop it from spreading further.

Killing the boss also drops a pretty trophy – so will you risk the consumption of your world for the honor of a worthy adventurer, or will you refrain from spawning the biome like a coward?

Some screenshots of the mod:

image of a minetest biome with myzelium as gress and giant red and brown mushrooms

image of a giant floating mushroom stem shooting projectilesat the onlooker, surrounded by jumping mushroom blocks with teeth jumping mushroom blocks with teeth

Continue reading here for the complete documentation/ README (it's a pdf which is why only parts of it are shown here)



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  • Finally another endgame

    I actually wanted to test my endgame sword , but I felt bored with nssm but now that I have pilzmod I can actually use it with full power, and plus it makes me feel like a pro, so I would highly recommend this mod to everyone. By the way The mushrooms look cool.