Modname Tooltip (Non-mcl)

Tooltip that shows you what mod a node or item is from

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This is a modified version of Modname Tooltip made by MineClone2 Mods. It should work as a drop-in replacement for the original.

Changes that i have made:

  • mcl_colors is no longer a dependency
  • Fallback modname will be capitalized and separated by spaces (e.g. mesecons_pistons will turn into Mesecons Pistons)
  • If the mod is located in the game, the fallback modname will start with the gameid (e.g. default will turn into Minetest - Default)
  • Arguably better documentation

I originally wanted to use modpack titles for mods that don't have titles themselves (e.g. Mesecons instead of Mesecons Pistons), however this is impossible with the current security implementations in Minetest.



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