A basic studded brick building game for Minetest

Work in Progress Building Creative

Download (1.7 MB)
For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

Brickbuild is a basic studded brick building game for Minetest, and the spiritual successor to OpenBlox. It has 44 different part colours that all come in different shapes and sizes, along with other miscellaneous parts.

To build in the world, you need to enable creative mode. Disabling creative mode puts the world in a "look, but not touch" type of state.

In the singlenode mapgen, a "baseplate" of limited size is generated for you to begin building on. The width, depth and part colour can be changed with settings.

Compared to other Minetest games, in Brickbuild your player size is significantly larger (approximately 2x), making nodes (parts) look small relative to the player's size. This allows for greater detail within the node grid.

The WorldEdit mod is recommended in order to easier build, but is not included with the game.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Nice start, but needs improvements before I would recommend it

    The idea to make nodes smaller by making the player bigger seems nice.

    This game design choice makes non-cuboid nodes like stairs and slabs largely unnecessary.

    The inventory is innovative: You can click on a colored node in inventory to see nodes in various shapes that have that color.

    Several things do not work well. If all of those were fixed, I would recommend the game:

    • The colored nodes in the inventory are not sorted by hue. This would improve usability by a lot!
    • There is no trash slot to get rid of items. It felt a bit annoying when picking new nodes to build.
    • All glass nodes seem to look alike. My eyesight is not the best, but I could not find a difference.
    • If a player tries to build something on top of a half-node (even a half-node), there is ugly air gap.
    • Players get 99 of every item in creative mode. This is just an eyesore, as the items never deplete.
  • cool game

    i like the concept of this game but i have two problems with it, when you fall, you do it for ever and also i cant break nodes from other mods.

  • Very Nice but...

    how can I empty the inventory? I cannot remove blocks from inventory, I need to drop blocks but that is not the same thing.



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