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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

Lightweight and game-agnostic mod which adds a chest node containing every single node, item and tool registered inside. Useful for development purposes in games written from scratch or for server operators. You can give yourself it by doing /giveme chest_with_everything:chest if you have the necessary privileges.

By default, it doesn't show items with the not_in_creative_inventory group, which primarily contains technical items and nodes. If you do want to show them, there is a setting to override this behaviour.

Based off of Development Test's "Chest of Everything" mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Useful, barebones

    Very useful as a dev, for use with small games that don't (yet, or plan to) provide a creative inventory of their own. There are no search or filtering features, so it is not suited for large games or collections of mods. Beats /giveme and /pulverize any day.

  • Misleading name: The chest does not contain everything!

    The name is wrong: This mod only adds a chest with creative inventory items.

    There exists a setting to make the chest contain everything. It is off by default.

    I wasted several minutes of my life with this mod because of a useless default.

  • Doesn't include items with not_in_creative_inventory=1 group

    Sadly, the so-called "Chest with Everything" excludes items in the not_in_creative_inventory=1 group (unlike in DevTest), therefore this mod is basically just a clone of the Creative Inventory found in many games. That's not really an improvement. For development purposes, it's better to really show all things, even the "forbidden ones" so it's easier to test how they behave. If you're worried about security, only allow players with the 'give' priv to take items.