Throwable floppies... That's what they're used for right?

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This mod adds throwable floppies to Minetest... That's what they're used for right?

The floppies can be crafted with 7 wool nodes in a H-shape, a steel/iron ingot at the top and paper at the bottom. Red, green and blue floppies exist, craftable with the equivalent wool in Minetest Game.



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  • They're not only for throwing!

    Minetest how-to-fly guide number 2 (the floppy edition).

    Step 1: Find (steal) floppies. Minetest bro tip: install ROllerozxa's floppy mod for faster acquiring of throwable floppies. Step 2: Use mese magnets to collect all of the floppies and gather them in your hotbar. Step 3: Gain some velocity using mese thrusters. Step 4: Start throwing floppies in the direction of your free flight, tilted downwards by approximately 45 degrees. Step 5: Jump. Step 6: Successfully fly. Step 7: Lose focus and (also successfully) crash and break every single bone in your body and turn your innards into (some) delicious mince.

  • Interesting

    don't think it's a serious mod, but I like it.