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This mod enables fine grained control over your flight speed. Useful for changing your speeds when flying around beyond the built-in fast mode toggle.

Passing the /flyspeed command a decimal number multiplies the current flight speed (e.g. 1.5 means 150%, 2 means 200%). It will save this value between multiple joins and is saved per-player.

Known issues

The mod tries to detect if you're flying and only applies the speed if you are flying. As the client can't trustworthily report if it is in a (legal) flying mode it works about as well as a fly anti-cheat.



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  • Works for mineclone 2

    It seems to work for mineclone 2 as of feb 25 the command is simple, /flyspeed (number) if you sprint it seems to slow you down to sprinting speed (could be useful for doing more precise movements) if you have a high speed set and use fast fly mode you fly even faster (expected) sort of slidey but that's default minetest I think, would be cool to have a fix for that too I guess