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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Minetest mod: adaptation_modpack

This modpack can be used by other mods which wants to be adapted to more than one minetest game. Main mod is adaptation_lib, which define adaptation API. See for details. Other mods primary add items to a database grouped by generic keys.

So, you can use provided API functions to easier finding aviable items, which you need to use by the key.

Example of get informations about carbon steel if aviable and normal steel if carbon steel is not aviable:

metal_ingot = adaptation_lib.get_item({"ingot_carbon_steel", "ingot_steel"})

Source code:

Copyright (c) 2022 SFENCE MIT - check LICENSE file

How to use:

Add adaptation_lib and other adaptation_* mods to your mod dependence list. Use adaptation_lib functions to translate keys to item data.



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