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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Power generators

This mod add liquid fuel powered generators into minetest worlds. Shaft electric engines is alse added, and can be powered from included electric generators or from technic electric sources. Generatos supports Minetest default game and Hades Revisited.

Generators are powered by appliances mod API. So, on appliances APi based machines can easy access the power from generator.

To get fuel, use biofuel mod.

The electric engines and rmp_meter can be powered by power generators, technic, elepower, techage or factory electric.



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  • Whoa its cool

    I love your mod. But I have one suggestion. Please add belts, pulleys, gears and wheels. It is a good decor mod, functional mod. I thought that using this I can create a working car of mine


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