Adds bow and arrows to Minetest. The goal of this Mod is to make most complete single bow with arrow what will work with MTG damage system, time from last punch as simple as possible. Eventually due to the damage tiers in MTG additional arrows were added (and experimental poison arrow).

Thank you for all Mod creators of bow mods for inspiring this Mod.



  • bow will force you sneak when loaded (optional dep. playerphysics)
  • loaded bow will slightly adjust the player FOV
  • bow uses minetest tool capabilities - if the bow is not loaded for long enough (time from last puch) the arrow will fly shorter range
  • arrow uses raycast
  • arrow has chance of critical shots/hits (only on full punch interval)
  • arrow uses minetest damage calculation (including 3d_armor) for making damage (no hardcoded values)
  • arrows stick to nodes, players and entitites
  • arrows remove them self from the world after some time
  • arrows remove them self if there are already too many arrows attached to node, player, entity
  • arrow continues to fly downwards when attached node is dug
  • arrow flies under water for short period of time and then sinks
  • arrows adjusts pitch when flying
  • arrows can be picked up again after stuck in solid nodes
  • registers only one entity reused for all arrows
  • (experimental) poison arrow - dealing damage for 5s but will not kill the target



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