Repixture Crafting Compatibility

Converts crafting recipes to be compatible with Repixture.

Crafting API / Library

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How do I install this?

This mod converts crafting recipes from Minetest format to Repixture format, making it easier for mods to support Repixture.

You can use this mod as a library, or have it automatically convert all registered recipes.

Library Use

You can register a crafting recipe for both Minetest and Repixture by using rp_craftcompat.register_craft() in place of minetest.register_craft().

The easiest way to do this is to keep a local reference to the function:

local register_craft = minetest.get_modpath('rp_craftcompat') and rp_craftcompat.register_craft or minetest.register_craft;

Alternatively, you can manually convert a Minetest crafting recipe to Repixture format using rp_craftcompat.convert_recipe().

Automatic Conversion

This mod also has an option to automatically convert all crafting recipes registered with minetest.register_craft() to Repixture's crafting system.

For automatic conversion, this mod does not need to be listed as a dependency.



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