Dyes for Extra Biomes

Adds dye recipes for the flowers from Extra Biomes [ebiomes]

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration

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Minetest: Dyes for Extra Biomes (ebiomes)

[this modname: ebiomes_dyes]

This mod adds the recipes for crafting dyes for all the flowers included in ebiomes. It gives 4 dyes per flower, just like the default ones.

Reason for making this:

Extra Biomes includes lots of flowers (16), but no recipes for turning them into dyes. This is very annoying because if someone wants to get dyes, and they live in a biome from ebiomes, they will have to travel far to find a different biome to get a flower with the correct colour dye. With this mod, the flowers found in ebiomes can be crafted into dyes.

How it works:

If you want to know the specific colour for each flower, go in init.lua and look at ebiomes_dyelist. Each pair next to each other are the flower to dye colour.

The craft registering is handled by a loop function registering each pair in that list.

This is all accomplished in only 40 lines, including the list of dye colours at the top.


by Skivling (MIT License) - see LICENCE.txt.



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