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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Sometimes you may feel lonely in your world but don't want to encounter entire villages. The basic houses this mod places on flat land are well integrated into the landscape and invite you to extend and imporve them. They appear only where flat land is. Each house comes with a door, lamps above the door, windows, floors, a steel ladder and a solid roof. Some houses may contain chests with additional building materials or even a machine used for creating plasterwork.

Combine this with the plasterwork mod in order to get the colorful houses.



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  • Simple and useful structures

    Mod provides with simple yet useful houses, which good to have if you travel frequently. I have some questions

    • will it be possible to remove blocks like snow and plants which are generated inside houses or maybe it's intended?
    • chests inside houses have too much loot, can there be an option to define what loot is possible to find there and in what amount or maybe disable generation of chests?
  • It keeps saying there is an error

    I'm kind of new to these mods. When I use this mod, it will say item pine stairs not found then kick me out. I downloaded the required mods and used them. The mod seems pretty cool though even though i've never had it work properly before.